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Security Automation

No security team can scale operations across an enterprise by manual efforts alone. The software they use needs to work together, automatically turn analysis into key findings, and take the obvious actions that free up analysts’ time.

15-year security leader

An industry pioneer in activity monitoring, data user behavior analytics, and more

Streamline workflows

Automation combines known attacker techniques with machine learning to identify data access

Force multiplier

Reduce manual effort and boost security team productivity with accurate and appropriate threat context

Orchestrated security across your digital infrastructure

Improve your cyber defenses by integrating application and data security with enterprise ecosystem solutions such as SIEM, SOAR, and others, to shorten response time and accelerate resolution.
SOAR gaps in digital infrastructure mobile
  • Remove barriers between workgroups

    Eliminate workflow silos created by dozens of application and data security products

  • Eliminate noise and alert fatigue

    Intelligently process the flood of alerts to prioritize critical issues and filter out false positives

  • Provide clear and actionable insights

    Make security staff more effective by providing expert analysis and advice within incident summaries

  • Simplify SOC process for difficult security problems

    Deliver better information faster for Web, API, and Data Security incidents where manual procedures are much too slow

Scale security while reducing costs

SIEM saving

Optimize SIEM operations

Shifting from a flood of raw activity to only what is suspicious or unusual saves time and reduces costs.

Faster response time

Connect with other tools

Share events instantly with ServiceNow, Salesforce, or SOAR solutions using over 260 playbooks.

Reduce the manual effort

Eliminate manual processes

Automate menial tasks currently slowing security teams and impeding time to resolution.


Imperva unifies best-in-class security for applications, network, and cloud databases against emerging, automated, and insider attacks. Threat intelligence and pattern recognition protect all your data from novel attacks, enterprise-wide.

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Imperva Sonar centralizes multi-year retention, analytics, and reporting from disparate on-premises and cloud environments. Enrichment, orchestration, and automation ensure the fastest response to incidents.

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