Big Data Security

Big Data Security

Big data security. Automated compliance. Wherever your data lives.

Easily secure big data

Easily secure big data

You don’t need to be a big data expert to secure it. The SecureSphere Agent for Big Data extends existing database security and compliance policies to big data platforms such as Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM BigInsights, MongoDB, Cassandra and more. It automatically  translates policy rules into the specific language used by each supported big data service. See? No big data expertise required.

Quarantining and blocking

Detect unauthorized activity

SecureSphere continuously monitors and analyzes big data activities, including privileged user activity, in real-time. Get instant alerts when suspicious or unauthorized activity is detected.

How SecureSphere Protects Big Data

Monitors at big data scale and performance

Monitors at big data scale and performance

Multi-tier architecture and efficient agents enable scalability and high performance. The SecureSphere Agent for Big Data is designed to avoid scalability pitfalls by monitoring activities directly from within big data components. Only relevant audit data is sent to a collection gateway, which minimizes performance impacts.

Unifies security and reporting

Deploy uniform database security and compliance policies. SecureSphere policies are applied to big data nodes without the need to customize policy rules for specific big data languages. Get unified views and reports of data access across both databases and big data environments.

Supported big data platforms

Cloudera Enterprise (HDFS, HIVE, HBASE, Impala)
Hortonworks (HDFS, HIVE, HBASE)



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