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Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)

Imperva RASP protects your applications from the inside out.

Runtime Protection (RASP)

Imperva RASP uses Language Theoretic Security (LANGSEC) to detect and neutralize known and zero-day attacks, ensuring applications are secure by default. With Imperva RASP, businesses can identify vulnerabilities, patch them on their schedule, and maintain optimal performance. Secure your applications now with Imperva RASP.

Attack Visibility

  • Pre-correlated Intelligence Everything in one place.
  • Attack Classification Category, Event, Severity
  • Network HTTP Request, HTTP Response, IP Addresses, Hosts Info
  • Application User session, code execution, Filename, Line Number
  • Operating System File reads/writes, Process Execution
  • Database Query Execution, Modified Rows via Exeuction
logging and visibility
logging and visibility



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