Flexible Licensing for Application and Data Security Solutions

FlexProtect is a flexible approach to securing applications, databases and files. A single license offers you the ability to deploy Imperva products how and when you need them. FlexProtect for Applications helps you protect your apps wherever you deploy them—in the cloud, on-prem or as a hybrid model. FlexProtect for Data lets you choose the right mix of products to protect your databases and files.

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Reduce the cost of uncertainty when moving to the cloud. FlexProtect lets you move applications among Imperva solutions without incurring additional costs.

Centralize visibility and control


FlexProtect lets you predict costs even as your infrastructure changes over time. With one subscription, you know in advance what you’ll pay every year.

Flexibility to expand as needed


FlexProtect spans both in-the-cloud and on-premises deployments that scale as your business scales. Capacity upgrades are simplified by having multiple Imperva products covered under one license.

Products Available Under FlexProtect Licensing

For Applications – SecureSphereThreatRadar and Incapsula provide protection against web app attacks and DDoS attacks.

For Databases – SecureSphere and CounterBreach protect data from theft and insider threats, and help you meet the latest compliance requirements like GDPR.

For Files – SecureSphere and CounterBreach help you deploy data controls that protect files from theft and insider threats, and they ensure that your data handling policies and regulations are met.