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App Protect Essentials

App Protect Professional

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App Protect Essentials

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App Protect Professional

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App Protect Enterprise

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App Protect 360

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Web Application Firewall

Cloud WAF ?

A cloud WAF that protects applications against all attacks wherever they're located; on-premises, in public or private cloud. Imperva cloud WAF is PCI-certified, customizable, SIEM-ready and tuned for blocking threats with minimal false-positives. Easy setup ensures rapid time to benefit.

WAF Gateway (On-premises & Customer-managed) ?

An appliance or virtual WAF that protects applications against attacks wherever they're located; on-premises, in public or private cloud. Imperva WAF gateways set the standard for protection, innovation, and customization. Dynamic profiling ensures any application is protected.

API Security

API Schema Protection ?

Protects websites and APIs with an intuitive single-stack approach. Enforces positive security models automatically, integrating seamlessly with leading API Gateway vendors.

Bot Protection

Client Classification ?

A multilayered system to block simple bots. Behavioral analysis, device fingerprinting, signature identification and transparent challenges combine to only allow legitimate users with low false positives.

Rate Limiting ?

Prevents automated bots from rapidly traversing through the website by applying rate limits.

CAPTCHA Insert ?

Inserts CAPTCHA test into the workflow to mitigate automated bot traffic.

Multi-factor Authentication ?

Inserts multi-factor authentication into the workflow to mitigate automated bot traffic. (All plans include 5 users. Enterprise and 360 allow for unlimited users.)

Advanced Bot Protection - Account Takeover Detection ?

Detects credential stuffing and credential cracking advanced bots from performing account takeover attacks. A portion of the Advanced Bot Protection solution.

Advanced Bot Protection ?

Protects websites, mobile applications, and APIs from automated threats, known as bad bots, without affecting the flow of business-critical traffic. Includes Account Takeover Mitigation.

Client Side Protection

Client Side Protection - Detection ?

Detection of JavaScript services used in client-side attacks like formjacking, digital skimming, and Magecart.

Client Side Protection - Mitigation ?

Prevents JavaScript services from being used for data theft from client-side attacks like formjacking, digital skimming, and Magecart.

Runtime Protection

Runtime Application Self-Protection ?

Detects and blocks attacks from inside the application. Using patented LangSec techniques which treat data as code, RASP provides fast and accurate protection with no signatures and no learning mode.

Reporting & Analytics

SIEM Integration ?

Turnkey integrations with leading SIEM solutions.

Attack Analytics ?

A service that uses machine learning to distill thousands of events into a single, actionable attack narrative. Provides a single consolidated event feed from both cloud and on-premises application security.

Reputation Intelligence Feed ?

A security reputation feed that combines research from Imperva security researchers, live crowdsourced intelligence from millions of sites and threat intelligence from multiple partners.

Data Retention ?

The number of days the data will be available on the Imperva system.

DDoS Protection

Basic Website Protection ?

An always-on DDoS mitigation service that manages any type, size or duration of attack with near-zero latency. Protects applications on-premises or in the cloud with activation via a simple DNS change.

Standard Website Protection ?

An always-on DDoS mitigation service that manages any type, size or duration of attack with near-zero latency in under 3 seconds--backed by a service level agreement. Protects applications on-premises or in the cloud with activation via a simple DNS change.

Individual IP Protection ?

An on-demand or always-on mitigation service that protects individual IP addresses against DDoS attacks.

DNS Protection

Managed DNS Protection ?

An Imperva hosted and secured DNS service providing optimal DNS availability and response time, combined with advanced DNS Zones protection. Ten DNS zones maximum in each package.

DNS Zones Protection ?

An always-on cloud mitigation service that protects DNS servers and provides optimal DNS performance with caching capabilities. Ten DNS zones maximum included in each package.

Content Delivery Network

Dynamic Content Acceleration ?

Network acceleration which boosts response times to the origin. Leverages adaptive routing to provide an optimized end user experience for dynamic content

Frontend Compression and Minification ?

Reduces file size and trims code to its bare essentials for faster delivery.

Session Optimization ?

Uses techniques like TCP connection pools and session reuse for faster content delivery.

Smart Caching ?

Intelligent profiling of content that determines cache frequency to optimize content for faster delivery.

Edge Cache Rules ?

Provides caching control with high granularity via programmable edge rules.

Origin Cache Shield ?

Cache Shield provides the Imperva CDN with an intermediate cache layer to optimize infrastructure capacity. The service protects origin servers from redundant requests, sending all requests to an automatically-selected point of presence (PoP).

Application Delivery

Edge Delivery Rules ?

Edge programmability for granular control of security, processing and delivery of the content.

Edge Load Balancing ?

A cloud-based load balancer that supports local and global server load balancing across on-premises and public cloud data centers. Supports automatic failover to standby servers enabling high-availability and disaster recovery without any TTL-related delays.


Advanced Reporting ?

This suite of reports highlights strengths, weaknesses, risk levels, and improvement opportunities within your implementation. Provides insight into your Application Security solution, and helps you understand your level of attack readiness and security posture.

Proactive Monitoring ?

Imperva provides proactive notifications with insights into protected assets and recommended actions using statistical analysis of anomalous security events and suspicious use cases, as well as monitoring configuration changes that impact security posture.

Enterprise Services ?

Staff augmentation by a team of Imperva security experts who provide ongoing consultation and operational assistance such as onboarding, optimization, customization, and integration. Also includes access to Premium Support and Training resources.

App Protect Essentials

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30 Days

App Protect Professional

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90 Days

App Protect Enterprise

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90 Days

App Protect 360

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90 Days
Customer Story

NTT TechnoCross

NTT required a solution that had a global track record of adoption, operability that reduces operating load, availability that achieves stable operation, ease of implementation, usage not as an asset but as a service, and monthly payable usage fees.

  • Operational Stability

    NTT immediately noticed their website had stabilized

  • Reallocated Resources

    Automated threat analytics allowed NTT to redirect focus to other projects

  • Secured Services

    Visitor traffic to NTT’s website becomes manageable and secure

  • Continued Growth

    NTT looks to expand future system planning thanks to Cloud WAF

ntt logo white 1

I believe it is the best cloud WAF. After implementing Imperva, countermeasures against specific threats have been off our radar in a good sense.

Ryo Sakamoto Section Manager Schedule Demo

Choose the best solution for your business

Data Secure

Data 360

Data Secure

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Data 360

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Enterprise Data Security Platform

Support for 60+ databases ?

Out-of-the-box support for over sixty data repositories: on-prem or in cloud.

Data Discovery and Classification ?

Scan your entire network to discover databases and identify sensitive data such as PII.

Vulnerability Assessment and User Rights Management ?

Scan databases for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and user access rights.

Data Activity Monitoring and Protection Policy ?

Continuously monitor data and account activity across your entire data estate and get alerted or block activity that violates policy.

Security Analytics ?

Detect risks to your business such as insider threat, compromise users and data exfiltration.

High Performance Reporting ?

A single, unified view for all reporting needs with intuitive and customizable dashboards.

Advanced Data Enrichment & Correlation ?

Join data from other sources such as CMDB and metadata with activity data to transform raw data into context-rich information.

Extensible User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) ?

Built-in and extensible UEBA models distill behavior and operational data into usable information on your risk profile.

Compliance & Security Workflow Automation ?

Complex, cross-silo workflows are orchestrated and automated, transforming manual operations into efficient business processes.

SIEM/SOC Optimization & Cost Reduction ?

Bi-directional integration with Splunk pre-processes raw data, sending only critical events to Splunk at a fraction of the cost.

Self-service reporting ?

Deliver controlled access to the SOC, DBAs, Forensics, etc. through the tool of their choice.

Integrated Data SOAR ?

Built-in playbooks integrate with thousands of security and non-security tools to automate the response to data-centric events.

Live Audit Data ?

Extended data retention to meet regulatory requirements is included for up to 1 year. Additional multi-year retention can be added to any plan.

Data Secure

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1 year included

Data 360

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1 year included

Free 30-day Trial for AWS

100% visibility into your AWS databases, 0% hassle. Imperva enables complete AWS database security. No installation or special skill required.

Cloud Data Security

  • Data Discovery ?

    Automatic discovery and on-boarding of cloud databases.

  • Data Classification ?

    Real-time classification of sensitive data.

  • Data Protection Policy & Alert ?

    Pre-configured security policies and real time alerts.

  • Data Compliance & Audit ?

    Out-of-the-box compliance reporting for PCI, SOX, HIPPA and more.

  • Security Analytics ?

    Security insights for indentifying exposures before the affect business.

Customer Story

Leading Financial Services Company

Imperva Data Risk Analytics dramatically reduced the volume of security alerts, speeding incident resolution, and improved staff effectiveness by spotting critical data access problems.

  • Reduced False Positives

    Daily alerts went down from 10,000 to 10 - 20 prioritized issues

  • Gained Insights

    Clear summaries enabled quick investigations and solutions

  • Increased Productivity

    Analyst output went to almost 100% resolution at equivalent headcount

  • Improved Effectiveness

    Staff uncovered 3 serious incidents including a large out-of-scope download by an employee

Imperva helps my team keep up with risk mitigation issues for a massive amount of business data every day.

Director of Security Operation at leading financial services company Schedule Demo