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Fraudsters will stop at nothing to exploit your websites and your customers, so a proactive approach to preventing online fraud starts with good web application security hygiene. Imperva’s Advanced Bot Protection will continuously monitor online traffic to protect every aspect of your web applications against any attempt at a fraudulent activity.

Inspecting each HTTP request in real-time, Imperva determines if it’s a malicious bot, and then blocks the request outright if it is. Next, machine learning algorithms learn your legitimate traffic patterns to pinpoint dangerous anomalies. If necessary, more aggressive settings can be activated across critical attack vectors, such as account registration forms and login screens.

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Online Fraudsters are Hijacking Accounts in Droves

If you have a login page, bots are relentlessly hammering their way into your site using stolen or leaked credentials easily obtained on the dark web. They submit hundreds — if not thousands — of login attempts 24/7.

Imperva’s Advanced Bot Protection reduces account-based fraud by preventing automated access to credential authorization processes.

prevent card abuse

Prevent Gift Card Abuse

Anonymous, deceitful visitors are hitting your gift card balance pages to find which account numbers have unused balances.

Imperva’s Advanced Bot Protection uses a sophisticated mix of browser and JavaScript checks, device-based rate-limiting, behavioral analytics, and biometric validation to stop gift card crackers in their tracks.

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Minimize Payment Fraud by Preventing Card Cracking

Fraudsters continue to devise new techniques for stealing credit card and personal identity information. Credit card information with cardholder names and primary account numbers is available on the dark web. But card-not-present fraud requires a cardholder’s CVV number, expiration date, and postal code.

In card cracking, a bot will spread its guesses across multiple websites, and determine these missing pieces of information in mere seconds. Then, armed with legitimate card numbers, fraudsters can buy products online and have them shipped anywhere in the world.

Imperva’s Advanced Bot Protection prevents automated abuse like card cracking.

stop carding fraud

Credit Card Fraud Prevention

Carding fraud occurs when criminals run thousands of small purchases using stolen credit card numbers, then resell verified cards to organized crime rings at a much higher price. This leads to poor merchant history, chargeback penalties, and worse. Like most transaction fraud, carding is easier than ever – there are even step-by-step tutorials online.

Imperva’s Advanced Bot Protection deep interrogation validates that there is a human behind the browser. Even carding bots that mimic human behavior with tools such as Selenium can’t escape Imperva’s detection.

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