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Application security

FlexProtect Plus

FlexProtect Premier

Complete data and application security that lets you deploy protection when and where you need it - on-premises or in the cloud.

Maximum data and application security that gives you all that Imperva has to offer.

A cloud WAF that protects applications against all attacks wherever they're located; on-premises, in public or private cloud. Imperva cloud WAF is PCI-certified, customizable, SIEM-ready and tuned for blocking threats with minimal false-positives. Easy setup ensures rapid time to benefit.

An appliance or virtual WAF that protects applications against all attacks wherever they're located; on-premises, in public or private cloud. Imperva WAF gateways set the standard for protection, innovation, and customization. Dynamic profiling ensures any application is protected no matter how complex or unique.

A multilayered system to block malicious traffic. Behavioral analysis, device fingerprinting, signature identification and transparent challenges combine to only allow legitimate users with low false positives.

A security reputation feed that combines research from Imperva security researchers, live crowdsourced intelligence from millions of sites and threat intelligence from multiple partners.

A service that mitigates account takeover (ATO) attacks without affecting legitimate traffic. Takes an intent-focused approach to detection, utilizing reputational analysis, an advanced classification engine, and behavioral machine learning.

A service that uses machine learning to distill thousands of events into a single, actionable attack narrative. Provides a single consolidated event feed from both cloud and on-premises application security.

Protects websites and APIs with an intuitive single stack approach. Enforces positive security models automatically, integrating seamlessly with leading API Gateway vendors.

A CDN that uses intelligent caching and cache control options, as well as high-speed storage and optimization tools to improve website performance while lowering bandwidth costs.

Cache Shield provides the Imperva CDN with an intermediate cache layer to optimize infrastructure capacity. The service protects origin servers from redundant requests, sending all requests to an automatically-selected point of presence (PoP).

A cloud-based load balancer that supports local and global server load balancing across on-premises and public cloud data centers. Supports automatic failover to standby servers to enable high-availability and disaster recovery without any TTL-related delays.

An always-on DDoS mitigation service that manages any type, size or duration of attack with near-zero latency in under 3 seconds--backed by a service level agreement. Protects applications on-premises or in the cloud with activation via a simple DNS change.

Data security

Discovers unknown databases by scanning your enterprise network for database services and servers. Identifies sensitive data such credit card numbers or national identification numbers.

Scans databases for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations such as default passwords. Provides detailed reports including recommended remediation steps.

Continuously monitors database transactions, including local privileged user and service account activity. Provides enterprise-wide visibility of database activity across supported on-premises and cloud environments. Alerts or blocks on security or compliance policy violations. Demonstrate compliance with pre-defined and custom reports.

A virtual appliance that continuously monitors database activity. Imperva data security gateways set the standard for scalability, reliability and performance. Imperva data security gateways can be deployed on-premises and in public or private clouds.

Aggregates, correlates and reports on user access rights across heterogeneous enterprise databases.

Identifies dangerous data access activity that exposes sensitive data to breach risk. Uses machine learning, data science and behavior analytics to analyze and distill millions of database events into a few, actionable incidents.

De-identifies, anonymizes, and pseudonymizes sensitive data within non-production environments such application development, testing, analysis, and more. Data masking helps de-risk non-production environments and addresses many data privacy and protection regulations such as GDPR.

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