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DNS Protection

Imperva DNS Protection is an always-on service that secures your websites, applications, and APIs against DNS attacks and that is guaranteed to mitigate DDoS attacks targeting domain name servers. Ensure DNS resolution at the network edge for uninterrupted operations.

DNS Protection that makes mitigation easy

  • DNS traffic statistics and trends
  • DNS attacks analytics
  • Instant attack notifications (mail, mobile)
dns protection highly visible
dns protection highly visible
  • Primary & Secondary Hidden DNS Master configurations support
  • DNSSEC – additional layer of security via authentication
  • Possibility to switch between managed/proxied DNS as needed
  • Automated onboarding and automation via API
  • Zone Import & Export
dns protection easy to use
dns protection easy to use

Precise DDoS mitigation

precise ddos mitigation mobile

DDoS protection for domain name servers uses a combination of reputation and rate-based heuristics to inspect incoming queries and filter out malicious packets without impacting legitimate visitors.

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Optimal performance

Optimal performance mobile
Imperva DNS protection serves DNS queries from the closest point of presence to your end users for the fastest response time and optimal performance
  • Millions of applications and IPs protected
  • 1.03 Trillion requests analyzed
  • 3,500,000 bad requests blocked/minute
  • 99.999% uptime SLA
  • 3-sec DDoS mitigation SLA

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