• If your organization collects and processes data, you face two major challenges: how to meet data compliance requirements and how to effectively protect from data theft. Imperva SecureSphere data security solutions help you do both at scale in a cost-effective manner that leverages your existing infrastructure and IT staff.

    10 Questions to Determine if Data Security is a Priority

    1. Where specifically, is your private data located?
    2. Who is accessing your data?
    3. How do they access your data?
    4. Should they have access to your data?
    5. What users have access to your data, but do not use it?
    6. Who is responsible if data is lost?
    7. Who is responsible for monitoring that data?
    8. How will you determine what data has been lost in a breach?
    9. Is your process repeatable, scalable, timely and cost-effective?
    10. What level of risk is acceptable?

    Determining the best data security measures for your company can be a daunting task. At the end of your research, you will find that protecting the data requires a data-centric audit and protection solution that simplifies and automates the deployment and maintenance processes while providing high-fidelity compliance and security results.

    • Data Audit and Protection

      Imperva SecureSphere platform forms the foundation for SecureSphere data, file and web application solutions. The solutions are designed to work together, yet can be independently deployed. SecureSphere protects data in the cloud and on premise, providing out-of-the-box capabilities that reduce the requirement for specialized security and compliance resources and staff. Deployment is fast, enabling even the largest organizations to provide protection of critical data in days or weeks, with in-depth and full coverage across thousands of data stores in a matter of months.


      data security framework


      Enterprises can seamlessly integrate the SecureSphere activity log with Imperva CounterBreach to protect enterprise data from theft and loss caused by compromised, careless or malicious users. CounterBreach combines Imperva expertise in monitoring and protecting data with advanced machine learning to uncover dangerous user data access activity. Based on granular inputs from SecureSphere and Skyfence, CounterBreach develops a behavioral baseline of typical user data access and then detects critical deviations from the norm. CounterBreach proactively flags these dangerous actions for immediate investigation.

    •   SecureSphere Database Firewall (DBF) SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) SecureSphere Database Assessment (DAS)
      Discovery and classification
      Monitor and audit log
      Block in real-time
      Vulnerability assessment1
      Vulnerability management8 Optional Optional Optional
      User rights management2 Optional Optional Optional3
      Ransomware detection and blocking7 Optional Optional
      Insider threat protection based on advanced machine learning6 Optional Optional
      Available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) BYOL4
      Available for Microsoft Azure
      Database agents1
      Clustering and high availability Optional Optional
      Big Data monitoring Optional Optional
      Mainframe monitoring Optional Optional
      Web application threat correlation Optional Optional
      Data Masking5 Optional Optional

      1 Number included varies by appliance purchase, see data sheet for details: Imperva SecureSphere® Appliances
      2 User Rights Monitoring is not available on Big Data or mainframe data stores
      3 Features that require audit log detail will not be available if DAS is deployed stand-alone
      4 Not all options are available in the AWS environment
      5 Requires Imperva Data Masking
      6 Requires Imperva CounterBreach
      7 Requires Imperva SecureSphere File Firewall
      8 Requires Imperva RiskSense Vulnerability Manager