Protect Data in the Cloud

As you move data to the cloud, security and compliance requirements follow. Extend database audit and protection to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.


Monitor databases in AWS and Azure

Use the same scalable architecture proven to cost-effectively monitor thousands of on-premises databases for your databases in AWS and Azure. Lightweight SecureSphere agents run on database nodes to monitor local traffic. For AWS, non-intrusive virtual appliances, deployed individually or in HA pairs, monitor network traffic and offload processing from the agents, minimizing impact to database performance.

Unify security policy

Deploy a common security and compliance policy for consistent security across on-premises and cloud databases. Secure and audit databases in the cloud and on-premises via one lens. Protect data in AWS and Azure with alerts and then block unauthorized activity.

Extend compliance to cloud databases

Demonstrate compliance with data protection and privacy regulations for databases in AWS and Azure. Provide unified audit reports across data in the cloud and on-premises. Get detailed reports for regulations such as SOX, PCI DSS and more



SecureSphere for AWS

Learn how SecureSphere for AWS protects data and applications in the AWS cloud.

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AWS Marketplace

Get Securesphere Database Audit and Protection solutions in the AWS Marketplace.

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