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Cloud computing

Deploy wherever your applications are

Choose a cloud-based service, virtual appliance in the public cloud, or on-prem appliance to protect your applications. In your data center, and in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud too.

Migrate apps with confidence

Migrate apps with confidence

Maintain a consistent application security posture as you migrate. Imperva uses the same set of security policies and management capabilities no matter where your applications are.

Separate bots from humans

Block “known bad” traffic

Protect cloud applications with automated threat intelligence that detects and stops known bad actors wherever they originate.

Auto scale at your pace

Auto scale at your pace

Scale your security deployment based on demand and usage, at your own pace. Integrate native public cloud features to track the status of web application firewall (WAF) instances and view resource utilization and performance metrics. Detect sudden spikes in throughput or high CPU utilization, and automatically spin up new WAF instances as needed.

Centralize visibility and control

Centralize visibility and control

Manage all your cloud apps from one console and push common security policies across your deployment—on-premises or in the cloud.

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