Cloud Security

Deploy your applications and data where you want. When you want. Imperva keeps them secure in the cloud, on premises, and in hybrid clouds.

Protect apps and data on cloud infrastructure

Moving to the cloud is great for your business and customers. A major headache for IT. Imperva helps you build a comprehensive application and data security strategy for public, private, or hybrid clouds. We’ll keep your data safe while you migrate too.

Secure databases in the cloud

Use common processes and reporting to protect databases from attack, reduce risk, and streamline compliance as you move databases into AWS and Azure.

Safeguard applications in the public cloud

Stop web attacks and prevent costly data breaches and downtime while you leverage the public cloud’s native elasticity and scalability.

Support hybrid deployments

Use a comprehensive security strategy to protect your applications and data across multiple cloud platforms and your own data centers.

Unify management

Make data and application security easy, and ensure consistency, by managing it all from one location.

How Imperva Cloud Security Keeps Apps and Data Secure

Secures apps across public clouds

Secures apps across public clouds

Stop web application attacks without disrupting customers. Or your boss. Imperva web application firewall (WAF) uses patented technologies to boost web security accuracy and automate management. In fact, more organizations rely on Imperva to protect their web applications than any other solution.

Autoscales application security

Autoscales application security

By integrating with native cloud monitoring services, Imperva WAF automatically detects sudden spikes in throughput or high CPU utilization. This allows you to autoscale your WAF deployment as the app itself autoscales. Track the status of WAF instances and view utilization and performance metrics too

database vulnerabilities

Centralizes cloud app security management

Streamline security management for on-premises and cloud-based applications, manage both from a single point, and integrate with your existing SIEM. Because no one needs another system to log into.


Leverages crowd-sourced threat intelligence

The bad guys are fast. But we’re faster. Imperva ThreatRadar uses crowd-sourced intelligence to proactively thwart emerging threats. ThreatRadar Community Defense draws information from live attack data and is distributed immediately to protect against emerging threats.

Monitors databases in AWS and Azure

Monitors databases in AWS and Azure

What works for on-prem, works for the cloud. Leverage the same scalable architecture proven to cost-effectively monitor thousands of on-premises databases for your databases in AWS and Azure. Lightweight SecureSphere agents run on database nodes to monitor local traffic. For AWS, non-intrusive virtual appliances, deployed individually or in HA pairs, monitor network traffic and offload processing from the agents, minimizing impacts to database performance.

Maintains common security policies

Maintains common security policies

Push common security policies across your entire deployment. On-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid cloud. Imperva management solutions unify management across all platforms to ensure the strongest security is in place.

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