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The security CDN

Imperva not only makes your websites faster and more reliable, but also safer. A network of servers speeds up the delivery of your site across the globe, while an enterprise-grade cloud web application firewall safeguards your site from the latest threats.

how application delivery works

How it works

A cloud-based managed security CDN solution permits quick deployment without any hardware or software changes. Only a simple change to your DNS (domain name server) is required.

Once activated, we accelerate both dynamic and static content delivery with a combination of caching and content optimization. Load balancing and failover within your data center or across global data centers ensures high availability, all while our cloud application security filters malicious traffic for websites or entire networks. Imperva blocks any DDoS assault of any size in 3-seconds or less, ensuring the customer experience is never impacted.

Plus, our dashboard gives you a live view traffic flow. Self-service controls including cache tags and the ability to create and instantly deploy custom application delivery and security policies can further meet your exact performance and security needs.

global cdn

Global CDN

Imperva’s global CDN uses advanced caching and optimization techniques to improve connection and response speeds while lowering bandwidth costs.

On average, we boost speed by up to 50% and decrease bandwidth consumption by up to 60%.

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Load Balancing dashboards

Load Balancing

Imperva redefines load balancing by moving it to the cloud. We immediately route traffic within and across data centers—even across multiple cloud service providers distributed globally.

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Application delivery rules

Application Delivery Rules

Self-service customization allows you to quickly meet the needs of your particular environment. Make decisions based on visit and request attributes, without changing the user-facing URL. Even improve response time and decrease bandwidth costs by redirecting nuisance bots to alternative sites.

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