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How Bot Management works

How it works

As part of the Imperva Application Security Solution, Bot Management protects all your access points and provides you with the choice of multiple response options for incoming bots.

Imperva collects and analyzes your bot traffic to pinpoint anomalies. Our machine learning models identify real-time bad bot behavior across our network and feed it through our known violators database. Biometric data validation, such as mouse movements, mobile swipe, and accelerometer data, catches malicious botnets. Rate limits based on device fingerprints — not IPs — provide further protection.

Accurate bot detection

Accurate Detection Catches More Bots

Imperva Bot Management categorizes whether traffic is coming from a human, a good bot or a bad bot. And it does so quickly and accurately, with a very low false positive rate.

With Imperva Bot Management, you can stop bad bots from abusing your available functionality. Protect against all business logic abuse on your website, APIs and mobile apps.

bot management wave

A 2-time Leader in Bot Management

Imperva has been named a leader for the 2nd time in the Forrester Wave for Bot Management. Leading the pack with a robust management UI, Imperva is the best fit to integrate within your existing security stack.

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prevent card abuse 1

Protect Against Each OWASP Automated Threat

Bot Management stops bad bots from abusing your available functionality and protects against each OWASP Automated Threat.

Protect against online fraud attempts, account takeover, credential stuffing, vulnerability scanning, web scraping, and many other attacks.

Learn more about Online Fraud and Scraping.

Identify Malicious Bot Behavior

Deeper Analysis Identifies Malicious Behavior

Imperva Bot Management is the most comprehensive and mature detection and mitigation solution available today, covering the widest variety of evolving automated attacks.

Our solution can even detect and mitigate advanced persistent bots (APBs), the most sophisticated attacks that can morph and change their tactics.

Learn more about Bot Detection.

Manage Bots with Precision

Manage with Precision

Imperva Bot Management provides visibility and analytics for a holistic view of all attack vectors. Through client classification and device fingerprinting, security teams can rapidly target the specific bots that are trying to attack your business.

Account takeover global intelligence

Ensure the Flow of Business-Critical Traffic

Our Imperva global network helps identify bad bots, utilizing machine learning based on community threat intelligence. Out-of-the-box real-time protection with low false positive rates ensures not only strong security but also high website uptime.

bringing human intelligence to bot mit

Bringing Human Intelligence to the Science of Bot Mitigation

Is your internal team stretched to its limits with current projects? Do you need an expert that can provide deeper insights into your abusive traffic? Are you looking for an on-demand specialist that can optimize and tune your settings to maintain industry best practices?

Always at the ready, the Imperva Bot Management Analyst Managed Service team provides you with expertise in web application security, data analytics, infrastructure design, and application development.

serve as an extension team

We Serve as an Extension of Your Team

Bot Management security analysts leverage their depth of industry experience and working knowledge of your environment to help you optimize your bot mitigation program to meet your specific goals.

Imperva analysts become intimately acquainted with your website, APIs, native apps, infrastructure, and architecture. They understand the potential damage automated threats pose to your business, and provide expertise in how to reduce your risk.

Connector Imperva bot protect

JS Connector for Easy Integration

By simply adding a small snippet of code, you can enjoy our best-in-class bot defense without having to redirect DNS or putting any device in-line. Taking just minutes to configure, the connector easily integrates with all popular web technologies – including leading CDN, load balancing and hosting platforms.

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