Hackers and malicious insiders steal your business-critical data and information by exploiting the gaps left by traditional endpoint and network products. As many companies have painfully discovered, a breach goes far beyond the loss of data. It results in financial losses, regulatory fines, and damage to a company’s reputation. The Imperva SecureSphere, Incapsula and Skyfence product lines enable organizations to discover assets and vulnerabilities, protect information wherever it lives—in the cloud and on-premises—and comply with regulations.

Imperva SecureSphere is a comprehensive, cyber security platform that includes Web, Database and File Security. It scales to meet the security demands of even the largest organizations and is backed by the Imperva Defense Center, a world-class security research organization that maintains the product's cutting-edge protection against evolving threats.

CounterBreach is a multi-layered security solution that protects enterprise data from theft and loss caused by compromised, careless and malicious users. It combines advanced behavioral analysis and deception technology to identify and contain insider threats. With CounterBreach, security teams can quickly discern between malicious and normal activity so they can immediately identify and act upon risky behavior.

Incapsula is a cloud-based application delivery service that makes websites safer, faster and more reliable. Using Incapsula, organizations large and small can protect your organization from hackers with enterprise-grade Web application security, DDoS mitigation, performance optimization and load balancing.

Imperva Skyfence Cloud Gateway is a cloud access security broker that provides visibility and control over sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps. With Skyfence, organizations can discover SaaS applications in use and assess related risks, enforce controls to prevent account-centric threats, meet compliance requirements, and protect user accounts and data in the cloud.

  • SecureSphere Web Application Security

    Stop the criminals, hacktivists, and state-sponsored hackers who use Web attacks to steal your data and damage your brand. SecureSphere Web Application Security protects organizations against threats such as SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, DDoS, and fraud, while addressing PCI DSS 6.6 compliance.

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  • SecureSphere Database Security

    Efficiently demonstrate database compliance and improve your data security with automated processes, interactive audit analytics and customizable reports. SecureSphere Database Security provides full visibility into your organization’s data usage, vulnerabilities, and access rights.

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  • SecureSphere File Security

    Prove to auditors that you have tight controls in place for your sensitive file data, and know you’re equipped to deal with security challenges like advanced targeted attacks. SecureSphere File Security protects vital business content on file servers, NAS devices, and SharePoint sites.

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  • Imperva Breach Prevention

    Protect enterprise data stored in databases, file shares and SaaS applications from the theft and loss caused by compromised, careless or malicious users. By dynamically learning users’ normal data access patterns and then identifying inappropriate or abusive access activity, CounterBreach proactively alerts IT teams to dangerous behavior.

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  • Incapsula DDoS Protection

    Secure your website against all types of DDoS attacks—including network, application and DNS targeted attacks. This “always on” service mitigates the largest and smartest DDoS attacks by leveraging a robust network backbone and industry-leading traffic inspection.

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  • Cloud Security

    Protect your critical applications and data as you leverage the cloud. Whether you are moving your production application to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud, leveraging SaaS applications like Salesforce.com and ServiceNow, or simply prefer a SaaS model for Web application security, Imperva helps you protect against hackers like no other solution.

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  • SecureSphere Platform

    The SecureSphere cyber security software platform provides database, file and web application security across physical and virtual systems in data centers, including those in traditional on-premises data centers as well as those in private, public and hybrid cloud environments. With flexible deployment options and administration capabilities, SecureSphere provides the scalability, adaptability, and management you need to achieve state-of-the-art data center security.

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  • SEEK, Australia's number one job site, prevents competitors from scraping Website content with Imperva SecureSphere.

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