Imperva Partner Program for Service Providers

With the rapidly evolving threat landscape and the continuous increase of government and industry regulations, many organizations are looking to their service providers for help. They need a solution that will enable them to neutralize attack, theft, and fraud; and quickly and cost-effectively achieve regulatory compliance; while reducing risk with automated, repeatable processes. The Imperva Partner Program for Service Providers provides the solutions and programs that service providers and hosters need to help their customers meet these challenges.

Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers can offer our award-winning Cybersecurity solutions in multiple ways to deliver best-in-class security for their customer requirements. The SecureSphere platform provides complete database, file and web security solutions, while Incapsula SaaS offerings deliver web and DDoS protection. With Imperva assisting behind the scenes, managed service providers can enhance their relationships by selling value-added solutions that keep their customers’ business critical assets and brand reputation secure while creating a recurring revenue stream.

Managed Security Service Providers

Managed Security Service Providers that monitor and manage infrastructure on behalf of their customers can use the SecureSphere platform to provide security configuration, provisioning, and management functions in support of their customers’ on premise equipment to streamline operations and improve response times to customer requests.

Cloud Partners and Hosters

Cloud Partners and Hosters provide Imperva security services as part of a comprehensive cloud-based offering. Whether it is utilizing our virtual or hardware based SecureSphere solutions, SaaS-based Incapsula offering, Skyfence CASB, or a combination of all three, Cloud Partners and Hosters are able to design and offer solutions that easily extend their service offerings.