• The Imperva Defense Center

    The Imperva Defense Center is a premier research organization for security analysis, vulnerability discovery, DDoS mitigation and compliance expertise. Imperva Defense Center research combines extensive lab work with hands-on testing in real world environments and learnings from Imperva SaaS and managed offerings to enhance Imperva products. By applying advanced techniques to data, application and network security, the Imperva Defense Center delivers on the goal of up-to-date threat protection, DDoS mitigation and unparalleled compliance automation.

  • Top Attackers

    Attack Vectors

  • Attack Sources

    Chart Data: This data represents 3,727,998 attacks from 346,585 campaigns that occurred over the last 90 days.

  • Application and Database Security Research

    The Imperva Defense Center research team is among the most talented and experienced in the world. Having discovered dozens of commercial application vulnerabilities and having issued numerous security advisories, the Imperva Defense Center offers exceptional insight into both published and unpublished security threats.

  • Translating Research into Customer Value

    Imperva Defense Center research not only provides an indispensable service to commercial application and database vendors and security professionals, it also delivers the foundation for many Imperva product capabilities and services, including attack signature updates, database vulnerability assessments, pre-defined compliance reports, DDoS and botnet focused research.

    Imperva provides the industry's only complete business-critical data security and compliance solution both in the cloud and on premise. Automated feeds from the security and compliance experts at the Imperva Defense Center ensure that Imperva products are always armed with the latest defenses against new threats, and the most recent regulatory compliance best practices.

    Imperva Incapsula offers industry leading cloud infrastructure protection for both application and network level volumetric DDoS attacks. Imperva Defense Center continuously updates the DDoS and botnet threat database to automatically mitigate new threats on behalf of our customers.

  • Threat Research and DDoS mitigation

    The Imperva Defense Center provides round-the-clock research into the latest security vulnerabilities and works closely with application and database vendors to address unresolved issues. The Imperva Defense Center provides advanced real-time DDoS defense gained from specialized knowledge of DDoS attacks. The Imperva Defense Center research also focuses on identifying and tracking botnets. The botnet knowledge is then used to provide network and application layer protection.