New storage layer, application delivery rules, and bot management combine to speed content delivery and recover server bandwidth

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jun. 20, 2017– Imperva, Inc. (NASDAQ:IMPV), committed to protecting business-critical data and applications in the cloud and on-premises, today announced several enhancements to the ImpervaIncapsula Content Delivery Network (CDN) designed to improve website performance and responsiveness while lowering bandwidth cost. The Incapsula CDN increases the amount of content delivered directly from high-speed cache thus enhancing website visitors’ experience while reducing the load on website owners’ servers.

Enhancements to the Incapsula CDN include:

New Cache Storage Layer

To enhance website performance, the new cache storage layer increases the amount of cached data and delivers it directly from globally distributed high-speed storage for faster page loads. The storage architecture allows objects retrieved from an origin server by an Incapsula proxy server to be immediately available to all proxies in the Incapsula point of presence (PoP). This eliminates latency introduced when a proxy server needs to query a peer for a cached object. Most Incapsula clients will see an improvement in their cache hit ratio and many can expect a cache hit ratio above 99 percent.

Additionally, the Incapsula CDN instant cache purge supports the new storage layer to clear cached content across the Incapsula global network in sub-second response time. Accessible via the Incapsula management console or an API, instant cache purge improves responsiveness and enables real-time changes for sites that have constantly changing content.

Rapid Content Switching

The Incapsula CDN also includes application delivery rules which combine with the high-speed cache to enable rapid content switching in the cloud and improve control over site content. The new application delivery rules enable organizations to forward specific requests to dedicated servers, redirect users to a new site based on client type and rewrite URLs to improve SEO rankings and visitor experience.

Bot Traffic Management

Incapsula client classification automatically identifies good, bad and suspected bots. While known bad bots are automatically blocked, suspected bots can burden servers and reduce site responsiveness for legitimate human visitors. IncapRules for application delivery can now manage suspected bots with customized actions like block or redirect. Site scraper bots, for example, can be redirected to other servers or sites during peak traffic periods to recover server bandwidth and improve server response time for human visitors.

“Our clients are increasingly looking for ways to improve site performance while decreasing server load and bandwidth costs, and our new cache architecture provides an opportunity for impressive performance improvements,” said Eldad Chai, vice president of products for the Incapsula service at Imperva. “Combining our client classification technology with new application delivery rules gives our customers more control over their traffic and allows them to move more of their delivery logic to the edge where it belongs.”


The Imperva Incapsula CDN is an integral component of the Incapsula service that also includes features to secure websites, mitigate DDoS attacks and ensure high availability. It is immediately available, and more information is available at

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