EDB Postgres Advanced Server and Community PostgreSQL databases are now secured and supported by Imperva Data Security Fabric agents

San Mateo, CA — Monday, March 6, 2023, — Imperva, Inc., (@Imperva) the cybersecurity leader that protects critical applications, APIs, and data, anywhere at scale, joins the EnterpriseDB GlobalConnect Technology Program as a verified Data Activity Monitoring (DAM) solution for EnterpriseDB (“EDB”) customers. Imperva Data Security Fabric is certified to support agent-based monitoring for EDB Postgres Advanced Server and the free, open source community PostgreSQL databases. Customers can now discover and classify data in these databases and get support from both Imperva and EDB.

“EDB is committed to helping our customers run Postgres in the most secure environments and is making investments in our software and partnerships to that end,” said Celest Turner Hall, SVP of Product Marketing, EDB. “With best-in-class partners like Imperva, we are setting a new standard for data and cyber security in the enterprise and expanding capabilities that help our customers fully monitor and audit their databases—without disrupting their operations.”

Imperva DSF monitors user activity in EDB Postgres Advanced Server and community PostgreSQL databases utilizing machine learning and behavior analytics and provides alerts of suspicious behavior that exceeds the “normal” user behavior baselines. Data Security teams can use the Imperva DSF dashboard to gain visibility into suspicious behavior, where sensitive data resides, who is accessing it, and if it is protected with the proper controls. This results in automated risk and compliance reporting, with clear explanations allowing quick analysis and response.

“Imperva customers consistently demand the best from their security vendors, with state-of-the-art scale and broad coverage across databases, analytics workloads, and data stores. As workloads evolve, investing in a collaborative ecosystem approach to data security is more critical than ever. With Imperva’s new partnership with EDB, our joint customers now have both – the high transactional ability they want and the data security they need,” said Dan Neault, SVP and GM of Data Security at Imperva. “Our Imperva DSF agent for EDB Postgres Advanced Server and community PostgreSQL databases has been certified by EDB ensuring our mutual customers have a supported solution that meets their data security requirements.”

The Imperva Data Security Fabric offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities for EDB Postgres Advanced Server databases, enabling users to configure a range of options and generate customized reports using the Imperva DSF agent. These options include server scanning and assessment, security policy configuration, report creation and management, audited traffic configuration and viewing, as well as the ability to configure and work with a Database Cluster.

Imperva DSF agents – Certified EDB versions:
DSF agents are now certified for both the EDB Postgres Advanced Server versions 11, 12, 13, 14, and later, as well as, community PostgreSQL database versions 11, 12, 13, 14, and later – using DSF agent versions and future versions that maintain the same capabilities. The Imperva DSF agent has successfully completed the EDB certification process to fully support the EDB Postgres Advanced Server and community PostgreSQL databases.

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