• With data breaches hitting the headlines regularly and reports that regulatory compliance will be tightened up considerably in 2009, monitoring database activity to maintain security is becoming more important than ever. However, most monitoring tools give rise to false positives, costing companies time and money as IT chases down these false alerts. Imperva uses a technology called Dynamic Profiling in its SecureSphere that uses the behavioral approach which it has had for about six years, Vice President of Marketing Mark Kraynak told InternetNews.com.

  • One of the best ways to improve database security is to carefully monitor the very people entrusted to manage them, database administrators (DBAs), a report has concluded.Perhaps not surprisingly, the Aberdeen Group study of 120 mostly large companies around the globe found a correlation between adopting a range of database security practices and frequency of data breaches. "This Aberdeen report establishes and quantifies the risk organisations are taking by not monitoring the actions of privileged insiders, as well as the payback for companies that implement database activity monitoring," said Mark Kraynak of database security company, Imperva, one of the report's three co-sponsors.

  • Application data security vendor Imperva has moved to a two-tier model across Europe after claiming it has reached a "maturation phase" in its development. Roland Hamann, channel director at Imperva, said the change in model was necessary to cope with increased end-user demand."When we started we had to find opportunities. Now the opportunities are coming to us," he said. "The need for compliance is growing." Rob Swainson, managing director of Imperva partner Blue Cube, said: "This is a good indication that the market has grown and that we have backed the right horse. And Exclusive seems keen and hungry."

  • Imperva stresses the importance of having security measures in place on the server side when explaining its security solutions to customers. "What we talk to customers about is the need to apply security on the server side because that's where you have control," says Mark Kraynak, Imperva's director of strategic marketing. Still, with this approach, the goal is to prevent future problems. "We can show how the applications are working and we use the model to prevent attacks," explains Kraynak. Imperva's SecureSphere monitors the activity in its customers' applications and databases to prevent vulnerabilities. By using dynamic profiling, Imperva creates profiles of applications and databases, so changes and possible malicious activity can be more easily noticed.

  • "In 2004, this was science fiction," Amichai Shulman said. "In 2008, this is a painful reality." Google and other search engines are taking steps to stop the abuse. For example, Google has stopped certain kinds of searches that could yield a trove of Social Security numbers in a single swoop. It also puts limits on the number of search requests sent per minute, which can slow down mass searches for vulnerable Web sites.

  • Google is the search engine of choice for both consumers and hackers, according to infosec experts. Amichai Shulman, co-founder and CTO, Imperva, said: "Google can be used as an extremely powerful automated attack tool, and attacks that in 2004 were science fiction are now painful facts." "Unfortunately, although we have seen attacks using Google increase massively since January this year, their effectiveness shows no signs of dropping."

  • Even with rising awareness about data security, it takes all of a few seconds to pluck Social Security numbers from Web sites using targeted search terms, said Amichai Shulman, founder and chief technology officer for database and application security company Imperva. The fact that Social Security numbers are even on the Web is a human error; the information should never be published in the first place. But hackers are using Google in more sophisticated ways to automate attacks against Web sites, Shulman said.

  • Microsoft issued an emergency patch to repair a critical Windows server service vulnerability that leaves Windows systems dangerously open to attack. The software maker also said it had to act quickly because it was aware of targeted attacks affecting Windows users. Security experts said the flaw is probably contained within the Server Message Block protocol, an area that handles file sharing, printer sharing and remote administration.It's a very basic networking component of all versions of Windows server," said Amichai Shulman founder of database security vendor Imperva Inc.

  • The latest update is smaller than most of Oracle's typical quarterly updates and appears to present less serious threats than usual, said Amichai Shulman, chief technology officer at database security firm Imperva Inc., which discovered two of the vulnerabilities that were patched this week. But what continues to be surprising is that some of the patches appear to be addressing issues for which patches had been issued previously, he said.

  • I had conversations lately with three CEO's of web application defense companies:Doug Camplejohn of MI5Networks, Nir Zuk of Palo Alto Networks, and Shlomo Kramer of Imperva.All of them are industry veterans and all of them are developing products to address the inability of standard network security gear to address web application attacks. One truism in exposing web applications is that stuff happens. No matter how well you analyze your code, test your applications, and scan on a regular basis you can still have mis-configurations that expose critical data.Of the three I talked to Imperva's products are the best suited for addressing this kind of issue.Usually deployed inline, Imperva's web application firewall can detect and block the activity needed to grab a database such as in DT's recent blunder.

  • Application data security vendor Imperva has launched its first tiered channel programme to swell its mid-market presence.Under the new PartnerSphere programme, Associate partners are required to have two certified sales staff, while higher-level Premier partners need two certified sales and four certified technical staff. Mark Kraynak, vice president of global marketing, said more mid-market firms are moving to protect themselves from data breaches and comply with Payment Card Industry regulations.The vendor has just launched SecureSphere Standard Edition, its first product for mid-market firms."We were seeing traction in the mid-market and needed a product specifically designed for that," said Kraynak. "There will be a new set of partners focused on the mid-market that will start at Associate level."

  • Imperva is bringing its end -to-end application security (web servers and databases) down to mid-tier enterprises. This is one case where Gartner got it all wrong - they tried to artificially create a database auditing market category based on dubious requirements. Of course, database auditing belongs to the database vendors which explain why IPlocks is gone, Symantec is out of the business, AppSec and Tizor have new CEOs, and I only see Guardium making money on the golf course. The ability to audit the entire transaction path, from the user to the very back end, is important and is what I recommend IT looks for.

  • Imperva recently announced the release of SecureSphere Standard Edition (SE), a new model of its multi award-winning SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF) that is tailored to meet the requirements of mid-market enterprises. SecureSphere SE provides the automated protection and transparent inspection capabilities of its larger siblings in a form factor geared to mid size datacentres.

  • Imperva is introducing a scaled-down version of its Web application firewall designed for quick installation in midsize businesses. SecureSphere Standard Edition is a trimmed-back iteration of its Secure Sphere Enterprise Edition that has a simplified graphical user interface and revised documentation. It is designed for businesses that don't have full-time IT security staff and few IT staff in general, the company says. The platform's support package comes with two hours of Webex consultation with Imperva engineers to help configure the gear, which is the amount of time the company says most small businesses need to get it up and running.Imperva says that because the device is not proxy based, it can be installed in front of Web servers without requiring any network configuration changes, again playing to short-staffed IT departments in businesses with 250 to 1,000 employees. The product's Dynamic Profiling automatically monitors Web application behavior for two to five days and recommends security policies to protect it, requiring less staff expertise in application security.

  • According to Gartner, adoption of WAFs among mid-market enterprises is accelerating, "Smaller enterprises—which typically do not have ADCs (Application Delivery Controllers)—and enterprises whose security organizations are not willing to depend on the security functionality included in network operational equipment represent the second-most-important growth area for WAFs, after enterprises with PCI compliance requirements."

  • Imperva says that because the device is not proxy based, it can be installed in front of Web servers without requiring any network configuration changes, again playing to short-staffed IT departments in businesses with 250 to 1,000 employees. The product's Dynamic Profiling automatically monitors Web application behavior for two to five days and recommends security policies to protect it, requiring less staff expertise in application security.

  • Imperva names CFO

    September 8, 2008

    Application data security company Imperva Inc. on Monday named Aviv Boim chief financial officer and general manager for Israel. Redwood City-based Imperva said Boim has "a wealth of experience in high technology finance, public offerings, operations, and mergers and acquisitions."He was formerly CFO of Israel-based Orckit Communications Ltd., a provider of carrier network equipment. He also led Tikcro Technologies Ltd., a technology investment company, in the selection and negotiation of venture capital funding.In addition, Boim was an investment banker with BT Alex Brown's technology group in London, where he managed initial public offerings, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

  • "In comparison with alternative solutions, SecureSphere was the only product that enabled us to monitor and audit database activity without impacting our existing infrastructure," said Satoshi Morimoto, Manager of Information Security for Fuji Television Network. "SecureSphere provides us with full details on database queries and responses, and allows us to easily meet J-SOX requirements. We were also impressed with SecureSphere's ease of deployment and support services."

  • New PCI regulations are just around the corner, and retailers dealing with credit cards will need to tighten up their standards in order to comply…"The new version is making me trust the PCI standards more. It started as an actual deployment created by the industry for the industry. It is now very straightforward," said Amichia Shulman, CTO of Imperva.

  • Imperva, a provider of application data security solutions, has announced that Fuji Television Network, a Japanese television broadcasting company, has selected its SecureSphere Database Monitoring Gateways to meet compliance requirements mandated by Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Law.

  • Crossbeam Systems announced that it has certified Imperva's SecureSphere 6.0 to run on the X-Series Next Generation Security Platform through the iBeam ISV Certification Program. Deployed on the Crossbeam chassis, SecureSphere's market-leading application data security solution will help enterprises and carriers protect their Web applications and databases from attack, as well as enable companies to comply with a wide variety of regulatory initiatives.

  • So what? - I thought this new capability on Imperva's web application firewall to monitor the malicious inputs (amongst other things) and help provide actionable reports to developers as fascinating. You all know I'm a big fan of monitoring, and all other things being equal, I'll choose to monitor not just the network - but the servers, databases, and apps as well. As helpful as the monitoring info is to REACT FASTER, it would be great if you didn't actually have to react every time.

  • "Because they monitor web traffic and detect attacks, Web Application Firewalls should help developers find and fix flaws in production code. But in reality, the process is too tedious and costly," said Andrew Jaquith, program manager in Yankee Group's Enabling Technologies Enterprise group. "In contrast, Imperva's Web Activity Monitoring solution feeds alerts and reports to both security and development teams, closing the loop between security operations and application developers."

  • "Historically, Web Application Firewalls have focused on reducing threats to online applications, while code review and vulnerability scanning technologies have focused on discovering vulnerabilities," said Amichai Shulman, CTO of Imperva. "With Web Activity Monitoring, SecureSphere closes this gap by blocking malicious inputs and capturing detailed information on how applications respond to live queries, which allows developers to fix code level security holes."

  • As options have increased for midmarket companies to house their data, so, too, have options for securing their databases and data stores. Once the preserve of only large companies, a range of data storage options are now available and within reach of companies of all sizes…SecureSphere Database Security Gateway from Imperva Inc. is another leading product for monitoring access to databases. SecureSphere is part of a suite from Imperva that also includes its well-known Web application firewall, a natural fit since websites and applications are frequently sources of malicious access to databases. SecureSphere works through user profiling and vulnerability assessments of databases.

  • Die Aufgabenstellungen hinsichtlich Sicherheit und Compliance werden die IT-Landschaft so lange dominieren wie sensitive Daten über Kunden, Mitarbeiter, Patienten und Finanztransaktionen ausgetauscht oder gespeichert werden.In der Vergangenheit haben sich die Sicherheitsteams mit dem Schutz der Daten beschäftigt und die Compliance-Verantwortlichen sich auf die Kontrolle der Nutzung fokussiert. Allerdings sind beide Disziplinen in der Praxis zwei Seiten der selben Medaille. Richtlinien und Vorschriften unterstützen weltweit diese Sichtweise und verlangen, dass Sicherheits- und Compliance-Bereiche zusammenarbeiten.

  • "Our Quick Shopping Cart product generated more than 55 million dollars for our customers last year alone. There's no sign of slowing - in fact, online spending is predicted to grow by more than 17% in the next year according to Forrester Research. We understand the need of top level security for our customers and ourselves," said GoDaddy.com CEO and Founder Bob Parsons. "We chose Imperva SecureSphere because we believe they are the very best. Protecting our customers and keeping the Internet safe is a top priority at Go Daddy"

  • "Given the complexities associated with the PeopleSoft environment, IT departments often struggle to secure these applications and meet compliance requirements," said Amichai Shulman, Imperva's CTO and the head of Imperva ADC. "The PeopleSoft Insights module combines packaged intelligence and reporting tools that eliminate the guesswork associated with protecting, monitoring and auditing PeopleSoft applications and data."

  • Not only were previous versions of Oracle's signature database impacted by recently discovered vulnerabilities, but the latest version of their product, 11g, also contained flaws addressed in the newest patch updates released by Oracle. Imperva CTO Amichai Shulman told SecurityProNews his first look at Oracle's updates noted that disturbing revelation. Along its Internet-facing products, many web components required fixes for the usual threats like code injection or buffer overflows.

  • Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is out with its latest critical patch update (CPU), this time providing fixes for 45 security vulnerabilities spanning the Oracle product portfolio..."The three most notable elements of this CPU are Oracle's decision to use CVE codes for vulnerability naming and that nine out 10 Database vulnerabilities apply not only to older versions of Oracle database server but also to the newest version Oracle 11G," Amichai Shulman, CTO of database security firm Imperva told InternetNews.com. "And finally two of the database vulnerabilities are in the Oracle authentication mechanism," he added.

  • Application data security solutions Imperva has revealed significant progress in the development of its EMEA operation and channels-to-market. Imperva has strengthened its sales and channel support teams in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands to complement its EMEA headquarters in Israel. Imperva now has more than 180 enterprise customers across the EMEA theatre.

  • After you've examined your systems, assessed them and bought the necessary technological solutions, make sure you have processes in place to deal with security gaps and breaches," Mark Kraynak, senior director of strategic marketing at Imperva, told InternetNews.com.

  • Imperva has announced the industry's first closed loop solution for managing the Web application security lifecycle on production systems. The Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF), through bi-directional integration with vulnerability scanning tools from Cenzic, HP, IBM, and NT Objectives, addresses application security from quality assurance/testing into production.

  • How can enterprises unifyframeworks for security and determine proper roles and responsibilities?In thisepisode of DM Radio, several industry experts expound on the subject,including: Phillip Villella, Ph.D., Chief Scientist & Founder of LogRhythm;Mark Kraynak, Senior Director for Imperva; and Mike Jerbic, PrincipalConsultant for Trusted Systems Consulting.

  • Impervahas announced that it has joined the Global Security Alliance, a platformformed by SAP for information and knowledge exchange that comprises leadingproviders of security and risk management offerings.

  • The serial company founder and SC's CEO of the Year tellsPaul Fisher why he knew all along that data-centric security was the future.

  • The SAP Integration and Certification Center hascertified that SecureSphere meets certification criteria under the category ofNetwork Security for enterprise service-oriented architecture solutions...

  • It was no surprise that some of the most interestingsmall companies at the show -- Imperva, LogLogic, Secerno, Intellitactics andSplunk -- are all, in one way or another, doing interesting things with dataprotection and log management...

  • Alesser-known but equally data-centric segment of the security industry involvesmonitoring the activity that happens around databases and major applications.That kind of monitoring, contends Imperva spokesman Mark Kraynak, could haveprevented Société Générale's Jerome Kerviel from hiding his secret trades, orEnron's accountants from sneaking adjustments into their financial numbers inthe company's database.

  • By Shlomo Kramer Security and compliance issues will continue to dominate IT initiatives as long as valuable data on customers, employees, patients and business financials is exchanged and stored.

  • Kramerleft Check Point to found application and database security supplier, Imperva,and has contributed to the funding of startups such as Trusteer, which createssolutions to protect online consumers against cyber threats. “There are a lotof experienced people in this market who know how to make a successfulbusiness,” Kramer said.

  • Broadly, the regulating organizations are getting more andmore serious and previously unregulated geographies are becomingregulated," Mark Kraynak, senior director of strategic marketing forImperva

  • The Imperva SecureSphere Web ApplicationFirewall has successfully satisfied all certification criteria to achievethe ICSA Labs' Web Application Firewall (WAF) Certification. "The ImpervaSecureSphere appliance has the ability to handle many complex attackscenarios," said George Japak, managing director, ICSA Labs.

  • Shlomo Kramer talks about what the French market canexpect regarding PCI enforcement based on experience with Imperva customers inthe United States.

  • Several regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, mandatechange controls for financial information; unauthorized changes can lead toforensic investigations to uncover what data changed and restore the originalvalues. SecureSphere’s Track Value Changes feature monitors and audits thevalues of a specific record or a subset of table rows noting values before andafter changes are made."

  • The security problemsof the French bank Société Général have produced some headlines recently. TheSecureSphere security solution of Imperva is designed to detect maliciousactivities of company insiders. This may have helped to avoid the illegalmanipulations.

  • Imperva has added new technology into its SecureSphereproduct to track value changes in the database that violatecompliance policies."

  • Core of the Matter

    March 7, 2008

    No longer can security managers focus only on perimeter andhost security. The application has become the prime target for hackers. Wereview six leading Web application firewalls that help deliver your criticalapps securely. Imperva is the closest thing to a silver bullet for applicationsecurity, based on its combination of adaptive learning and other techniques.

  • Database Security

    March 7, 2008

    Imperva's SecureSphere Database Security Gateway offers aunique combination of automated monitoring and proactive auditing forprotecting your databases. SecureSphere is an impressiveenterprise-ready product for large organizations.

  • Application data security and compliance is a key area of concernfor Imperva customers,” said Rohit Gupta,vice president of business development for Imperva. “Partnering with VMwarewill allow Imperva to continue to deliver flexible solutions that provide fullvisibility and granular control of application and data usage in virtualizedenvironments.”

  • Chicken, Egg or Omelette?

    February 25, 2008

    Now thatcompliance and security seem inexorably linked, the benefits of one solutionover another are no longer just how much it can save your customers’ time, andyour customers’ money. Now it’s about saving your customers’neck. Resellers need to demystify the convergence of security andcompliance, and explore winning strategies that will enable them capitalise ona market worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

  • Google-hacking made easy

    February 25, 2008

    “Tools like thisscanner are a wake-up call for application owners,” Shulman said. “And that isa good thing. The issue of data leakage into search engines is a bigissue.”The Cult of the Dead Cow has said much of its research in thisarea has been against government servers where it has been able to turn upsensitive information that has been unwittingly exposed. "With a lot ofscript kiddies having this tool, I think the government can expect a roughperiod of headlines,” Shulman said.

  • I think (Goolag scanner)should be a wakeup call for application owners and what they are doing withrespect to search engines and their application security," said Shulman."It just emphasizes an existing trend that application owners should payattention to."

  • I feel very strongly that a new layer of visibility and security is needed in addition to the network and infrastructure layers commonly in place in today's organizations.– Shlomo Kramer, President and CEO, Imperva

  • As the name implies, data governance can be a difficult proposition for companies that do not have the resources to monitor and control the flow of data. It's a bit like trying to govern a small country: It's obviously important to protect your borders, police your citizens, and establish clear laws over how the country operates, but enforcing and monitoring those laws can be difficult.

  • Imperva Inc., a provider of application data security and compliance, announced that it has achieved certified interoperability with RSA Access Manager software from RSA Security Inc., the security division of EMC Corp. This partnership is designed to enable joint customers to deploy a layered web security infrastructure that provides interoperable application protection with user access control.

  • The focus of this particular CPU should be on client side vulnerabilities, Shulman said. Five of the application server vulnerabilities may be remotely exploitable without authentication.

  • Don't let databases fool you. Sure, their names may sound stately (Oracle, Ingres) or innocent (MySQL, SQL Server, Sleepycat). Yet no database, just out of the box, is secure. In addition, because databases concentrate so much potentially lucrative information in one place, they're prime targets. While storing sensitive or regulated information puts any company at risk, smaller businesses may have more to lose.

  • With the Internetbecoming increasingly critical for businesses, databases are more and moreexposed. This has placed the spotlight firmly on the need to beprevent external and internal attacks but at the same time ensuring anaudit trail can be established.

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  • If you weren't concerned about unauthorized database access before, maybe now you should give a DAM.

  • Imperva joined RSASecured program. SecureSphere and RSA Acess Manager will be interoperableallowing IT security team to access user login credentials from RSA Access Manager.