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Software Engineer with Linux experience

Product Development

Tel Aviv, Israel

Software Engineer with Linux System background
As a part of the R&D Infra Team you will develop the platform configuration and control layers of Imperva’s end-product - primarily relating to the kernel, OS, and virtualization infrastructure such as VMWare, AWS, Azure and more.

Most of the development is done in Python, incorporating new technologies from the DevOps world. You will research, develop, and integrate Linux capabilities into Imperva’s products, including – HA, rollback/snapshots, performance improvements, packaging and automatic deployment, security hardening, and more.

You will be asked to use creative thinking and technological solutions for building new methods for the products’ solution.


  • Extensive experience in Python or other dynamic programming language - a Must
  • Good understanding of Linux internals: Deployment, packaging distribution methods, LVM, security, performance, kernel customization – Must
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in System Linux or Linux-oriented DevOps" - Must; RedHat based system -- an advantage
  • Bash programming (not just scripting) skills
  • Knowledge in Virtualization & Cloud systems (AWS/Azure/Google cloud) – an advantage
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes -- an advantage
  • Knowledge of network administration and programming (TCP/IP) - an advantage
  • Experience in system's development (Java/C++) – an advantage
  • BSc in computer science or equivalent - an advantage