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What you need to know about Modern Bot Management

What you need to know about Modern Bot Management

Cybersecurity is a top priority for most organizations but malicious bot attacks are ignored even though they are costing millions of dollars and hurting your business every day.

As an IT leader, you need to be prepared to protect your company’s revenue, brand reputation, and customer satisfaction with bot management that can keep bad bots at bay.

Here are 3 things to think about for managing risk to protect your business and your reputation:

1. Attack detection and response

You must be able to quickly identify bad bots vs. good customer traffic to protect your site performance and customer satisfaction. Malicious attackers are getting more sophisticated to the point of mimicking human behavior and taking over browsers to steal valuable data. Almost half the traffic on today’s commercial websites is from automated bots, 88% of which imitate human behavior.

If you have a login page, there is a 96% chance you have bad bots on that page. The threat of login attacks is clearly growing, so it is critical your business takes the proper steps to protect your customers’ data. A strong technology solution and a team of bot defense experts is crucial to stay ahead of attacks and respond in the most effective manner possible.

2. Management and Reporting

To detect and respond quickly to bad bots, you need a solution that provides detailed information in real-time, not just on a site basis. A more granular page and per path basis allows for a better understanding of what the bot is going after, so you can take action with specific responses depending on the page. For example, you may want stricter controls on the login page and nothing on your home page. A solution with dynamic dashboards and reporting along with customizable rules, alerts, and workflows are necessary to best serve your specific business.

3. Future Threat Preparedness

The war on bot attacks is never-ending and a more sophisticated, damaging threat is right around the corner. You and your team need to stay ahead of bots threats with a solution that provides ongoing new bot detection and response methods, along with one that offers a proactive defense. Beyond providing a team of bot research analysts, solutions are now equipped with comprehensive machine learning models that identify bots, predict behavior and determine appropriate attack responses.

There is no magic formula for the bad bot problem, but you can do your best as an IT leader to arm your team from top to bottom with the knowledge and the best tools to successfully do their job to ensure your company is safe.

Download the Forrester New Wave Report on Bot Management for an overview of the bot management space and their evaluation of technology vendors to help companies cope with bad bot threats.