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What I learned at RSA today? – Data Privacy is on Everyone’s Mind

RSA started off at full throttle today on a beautiful San Francisco morning with the attendees forming a beeline to listen to the keynotes at Moscone. Several speakers focused on the challenges facing the cybersecurity industry today and what is the one thing that everyone involved should do this year to change the game. (Spoiler alert: if you were hoping for an answer there is no simple one). The one thing every speaker was talking about – Apple vs FBI and how the tech titans (Google, Facebook & Microsoft) are showing solidarity with Apple to defend data privacy.
Cybersecurity intersects with everything we do today as humans. The challenges are compounding due to the blazing speed of technology integration into every aspect of our lives. Hackers and bad actors are also innovating and are using some of the same mechanisms needed for data privacy to run their operations. Laws and regulations in every country are struggling to keep pace with the rapid changes. Governments and private companies will keep fighting the good fight to strike a balance between security vs data privacy. This year the theme of data privacy and government control is front and center, no one handled it better than Attorney General Loretta E Lynch.
Amit Yoran, RSA president summed it up aptly “Cybersecurity is not for the faint-hearted, even with meticulous planning there will be bumps in the road, be prepared to take the challenges head on.”