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Meet the New Imperva – Defending Your Business Growth Today and Tomorrow

Meet the New Imperva – Defending Your Business Growth Today and Tomorrow

Today’s Imperva is a champion in the fight to secure data and applications, wherever they reside. The threat landscape is dangerous and ever-changing, but our thousands of customers know they can count on Imperva to protect them. No wonder our solutions are recognized as leaders by analysts such as Gartner and Forrester Research.  

However, security is changing. It’s no longer just about protecting your company’s digital assets. It’s also about protecting your employees, partners, customers, and all of their applications, data, API’s, microservices, and even IoT devices. Millions of interactions occur every day that drive business value – and revenue.

Within this vast new universe, traditional lockdown security approaches just don’t cut it anymore. They’re too rigid, create their own security gaps, and stifle your business. What you need is a security posture that assumes an open exchange between data, applications and users. To do that successfully, you need greater visibility into all your digital systems, whether on-premises or in the cloud, so you can quickly pinpoint the threats that matter. You also need agility to adapt to fast-changing DevOps environments. And you need resilient systems that not only prevent data breaches and DDoS attacks but can also recover quickly, too.

In short, your business’s security needs are evolving. Which is why Imperva is also evolving, in order to remain the defender of your business growth, so you never have to choose between innovating for your customers and protecting what matters.

This year, we’ll be launching major expansions to our data and application security solutions. We’re also boosting the visibility delivered by them, distilling millions of data points so that you have actionable insights and the ability to automate the responses that protect your business.

To make it easier for you to focus on your business, we’re also simplifying how we bring our products to market, from the naming, to the packaging, to the pricing. Through a subscription model we call FlexProtect, enterprises can deploy Imperva solutions how and when you need them, in order to quickly gain the protection you need.

This year, Imperva will also be introducing useful new research and thought leadership to help your organization get smarter and respond to threats faster. Additionally, we are committed to making your experience with our brand and products even better. We are introducing an all-new look and feel, which you can check out today starting with our website, the new Imperva.com!

Doing business today has never been more potentially rewarding – or challenging. Security providers need to be up to the task. That’s why Imperva is evolving. We do more than simply guard your data and apps. We’ll help you anticipate real threats, minimize the business impact of any incidents, and build customer trust – all without overstretching limited resources. As your own business evolves, so does Imperva, so we can remain your defender and help you realize your growth ambitions, today and tomorrow.


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