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Major Upgrade to Incapsula Tokyo Facility Makes It Our Biggest DDoS Scrubbing Center to Date

Major Upgrade to Incapsula Tokyo Facility Makes It Our Biggest DDoS Scrubbing Center to Date

Today we are excited to announce a major upgrade of our Tokyo data center. With it our Tokyo facility becomes the most prominent DDoS scrubbing center on the Imperva Incapsula network, displaying advanced DDoS mitigation capabilities and nearly triple the typical scrubbing center bandwidth capacity.

Augmenting the Tokyo data center serves to enhance Incapsula presence in Asia Pacific (APAC), and reflects the growing demand for Incapsula services in that region. Moreover, this upgrade addresses the growing influx of DDoS traffic to our Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong data centers.

Why We Need a Cyber Fortress

Prior to this upgrade, with more than 60 percent of all DDoS traffic regularly arriving at the doorstep of our APAC facilities, we were occasionally required to offload some of that traffic to one of our more remote scrubbing servers.

Now, our new Tokyo data center stands as a cyber counterpart of the notoriously impenetrable Himeji fortress, ensuring that all DDoS assaults from Asia Pacific are handled on the spot. Having this front-line of defense will serve to improve Incapsula’s level of service to all APAC customers, while also preventing collateral impact to the rest of the Incapsula infrastructure.

The improvements made to the Tokyo data center also include the creation of a dedicated DDoS pipe that enables better traffic segregation and minimizes real-time impact. On top of that, to ensure redundancy, we have signed deals with additional Tier 1 transit providers, thus further hardening the facility’s resilience.

Finally, we have also expanded our presence in the JPIX exchange, to further improve our coverage and quality of service in Asia Pacific.

The First of Many

Following today’s upgrade, Tokyo becomes the first of Incapsula’s above described next-generation scrubbing centers. It won’t, however, stand alone for long, as we already have plans to introduce similar upgrades to all of our major scrubbing facilities.

Stay tuned as we continue to announce significant improvements to our network infrastructure for the benefit of all Incapsula clients.