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TopTenReviews: Incapsula voted #1 for DDoS Protection

TopTenReviews: Incapsula voted #1 for DDoS Protection

DDoS mitigation is an ongoing game of cat and mouse which requires us to constantly improve across many fronts. These include: traffic profiling algorithms, network capacity, research techniques, technical support and overall security know-how.

Knowing the challenges of effective DDoS mitigation and the devastating results of a successful attack, we have invested the resources and man hours required to provide the best possible protection to our customer. This is why we are especially proud to have been selected as the Gold Winner of TopTenReviews’ 2013 DDoS Protection Service Comparison.

The service comparison touched on many points of our DDoS protection focusing not only on mitigation capabilities but also on setup, management and support. Incapsula scored 10/10 in all categories by offering the most comprehensive security solution that includes: an easy and fast on-boarding process, over 350Gbps of network capacity and multi-channel 24/7 customer support.

To put it in the words of TopTenReviews editors: “If you want to outsource DDoS protection using DNS redirection and you don’t want to install any equipment onsite, Incapsula’s Enterprise DDoS protection service is the best.”

We appreciate the recognition and at the same time know that our work is far from over. Each new day and each new attack bring new challenges to our door-step and from these we learn, innovate and improve.