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20 Media Publications and Tech Sites Most Shared by Our Readers

20 Media Publications and Tech Sites Most Shared by Our Readers

There are so many outlets for news and tech publications to choose from, so we were curious to see what you are reading. We followed what you were actively sharing and here’s what we found. We’ve listed the top 10 media and tech sites widely read and shared by our audience and also by our team.

Top 10 Digital Publications You’re Reading

Forbes. First published in 1917, Forbes continues to this day as a twice-monthly magazine covering business, finance and investing news. It’s also picked up a sizeable audience for its dedicated coverage of technology and science news. With 15 foreign language editions, lifestyle platforms and a widely visited website, Forbes is influential, iconic and (most of all) relevant.

WIRED. From the very beginning, WIRED covered technology and pop culture. Back in the early ‘90s when it launched in San Francisco, the magazine embraced the digital revolution in a serious and stylish manner. At one time, it regarded itself as “the Rolling Stone” of technology. The magazine’s fortunes have ebbed and spiked over the years, but the influence it continues to have on the tech community cannot be overstated.

Medium. For five years Medium has presented an exciting hybrid of social commentary and journalism. As a publisher, it aggregates content like other popular social media platforms. As a host, you can curate a backlist of articles relevant to you, and as a reader, you can subscribe to posts in the same way you might subscribe to a newspaper or magazine. The paradigm of media has changed and Medium is a good example of that.

TechCrunch. As a branded network of websites, TechCrunch reaches 12 million visitors per month. In addition to core tech industry readers, TechCrunch also attracts an audience of general interest readers. The site’s entertaining and forthright reviews of gadgets and consumer items are one of its top draws.

The Wall Street Journal. Among the notable newspapers in the U.S., The Wall Street Journal is one of the most popular of them with an average circulation of almost 2.3 million copies. Along with its news and lifestyle articles, The Journal, named after the most famous financial district in the world, specializes in continuous and in-depth coverage of business and financial news.

ZDNet. More than 25 years ago, ZDNet was launched as a “general interest technology portal.” But these days its readership is more targeted. Says the site: “ZDNET delivers 24/7 news coverage and analysis on the trends, technologies and opportunities that matter to IT professionals and decision makers.” Owned by CBS Interactive, ZDNet covers hardware, software, mobile, security and research. It’s considered required reading for people working in technology.

CNBC. Available on basic cable (as well as the internet), CNBC is a news channel that focuses on U.S. and global financial markets. Its programs include air sports and entertainment shows. Considering its place on this list, the cable channel also puts a big emphasis on tech news. Like a lot of media companies these days, CNBC understands how technology affects both the global economy and our daily lives.

Reuters. As an international news agency with headquarters in London, Reuters publishes in a dozen different languages and employs more than 3,000 reporters and photographers. As a result, its reach and influence is remarkable. With the tech world borderless, the convergence of global news gives Reuters a special place among leading media.

Bloomberg News. Founded in 1990 as a small financial news agency in New York City, Bloomberg has grown over the years to become an international organization with content available on television, radio, and the internet. The focus is the same today as it was back then, however. It covers general interest topics, but it’s mostly concerned with business and economic news. That purview also includes tech news.

Business Insider. An online website with editions around the world, Business Insider provides business and financial news, commentary and analysis with an emphasis on digital media. Like many new media operations, it also aggregates related content from across the internet. Since its launch in 2009, Business Insider was embraced by the tech industry and was even nominated for a Webby Award a few years ago.

Additional publications include The Washington Post, The Verge, The Guardian, BBC and Fortune.

Top 10 Tech Sites Most Shared by Our Audience

ars technica. Twenty years ago, ars technical began by cultivating a readership of technologists and IT professionals. Throughout the years it’s become a trusted source for technology news, tech policy analysis, scientific advancement breakdowns, gadget reviews, software, hardware and “nearly everything else found in between layers of silicon.” In other words, ars technica is a publication for technically savvy alpha geeks.

CSO Online. From parent company IDG (publisher of PCWorld, Macworld and Computerworld), CSO Online provides news, analysis and research on security and risk management. For professionals and informed users who want to stay ahead of evolving threats of cybercrime, CSO offers “unparalleled depth and insight.”

Krebs on Security. Helmed by Brian Krebs, a veteran reporter and community advocate, Krebs on Security is a great place to keep abreast of cybercrime and security issues. Krebs has been fighting the good fight for over 10 years and his investigative instincts are invaluable. Krebs spent 14 years as a staff reporter for The Washington Post.

The Register. A leading tech publication, The Register provides IT, technology and science news to a global audience. It started as an email newsletter in 1994 and the site now attracts more than six million visitors a month. Many of these readers are industry professionals, but a lot of them are also technology enthusiasts, policy advocates, science fans and “shed boffins.” In addition, The Register also publishes articles about planes, trains, bridges and other engineering topics.

Dark Reading. Since 2006, Dark Reading has been helping information security professionals manage the balance between data protection and user access. It’s a place where enterprise security staffers and decision-makers congregate to share information about new cyber threats, vulnerabilities and technology trends. Over the years, Dark Reading has earned a reputation for presenting hard-nosed reporting and hands-on testimonials from experts in the information security field.

Bleeping Computer. Featuring a mix of tech news, security guides and tutorials, Bleeping Computer is a handy resource for anyone looking for quick answers to questions about computers, security and technology. With over 700,000 registered members, Bleeping Computer’s community contributes to the coverage. It’s a great place to find helpful and unbiased information.

The Hacker News. Every organization is connected to the internet in some way or another, and the team at The Hacker News is dedicated to keeping everything safe and sound. Since 2010, THN has become a popular, trusted and widely reader cyber security news source for hackers, technologists, enthusiasts and IT nerds. The site’s tagline is “Security in a serious way.” Readership has grown to over 10 million monthly visitors.

ThreatPost. An independent and award-winning news site, ThreatPost is a leading source of up-to-the-minute information about IT and business security. Boasting high-impact content such as news, videos, feature reports and more, the site frequently breaks important original stories while giving expert commentary and analysis throughout the news cycle. As an authoritative source on information security, ThreatPost is a good read.

Help Net Security. You can easily find breaking news on Help Net Security, but the site also explores a wide range of stories focusing on information security. Founded in 1998, Help Net Security remains an independent site and is a go-to resource for technical security challenges, management issues and “other concerns of importance to people working in every department of an organization.”

CNET. A well-known global media network, CNET offers a multitude of tech content via reviews, news, podcasts and blogs. It’s known for tracking consumer technology breakthroughs and telling readers what it means for them. Founded in 1994 and currently a part of CBS Interactive, CNET reaches 200 million people per month and is arguably the highest-read technology news source on the internet.

Other publications include InfoSecurity Magazine, TechRepublic, SC Magazine, Motherboard and Gizmodo.

Other Stuff We’re Reading

In addition to all this, here are some recent staff picks.

  • Turn the ship around, L. David Marquet
  • The Kingkiller Chonicle series, Patrick Rothfuss
  • The First Law series; Joe Abercrombie
  • The Prince of Nothing series, R. Scott Bakker
  • Seveneves, Neal Stephenson
  • Sharks, Andrea Ferrari
  • The Ultimate Question 2.0, Fred Reichheld and Rob Markey