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To Infinity and Beyond – Imperva to Own the Franchise of Protecting Data and Apps

Our charismatic Chairman and CEO, Anthony Bettencourt, took the stage today at our Sales and Partner Kickoff and shed light on the Imperva vision. It is not an everyday occurrence when a company enjoys tremendous growth with fanatic partners fueling the success. We thank our partners from 24 different countries, who are here in Dallas at the Imperva Kickoff, seizing the moment. Imperva benefited from the market trend which started unfolding in late 2014 with major data breaches at retailers, financial services giants, health insurers and the government. The X-factor came from the harvesting of data across all of these breaches which allowed for bad actors to increase the value of the stolen records significantly. Combining personal data (name and contact information) from the JP Morgan Chase breach with data from the Anthem breach (mother’s maiden name) resulted in a multi-fold increase in the black market value of the stolen records. Imperva, with our security-first DNA, was able to corner the market on Database Audit and Protection, and Application and DDoS protection with products and solutions that are second to none. Imperva will carry the momentum forward and kick into high gear for the year 2016.
Terry Schmid, our CFO joins Anthony on stage and talks about the incredible growth at Imperva and the bright future ahead, thanks to our continuous alignment with our partners.
“Own the Franchise of Protecting Data and Apps”
Imperva will be the owning the franchise on protecting data and apps going forward. Mark Kraynak, SVP and GM for Enterprise Solutions outlined the Imperva product vision and how we protect against both “Direct External Attacks” and rising “Internal Attacks.” Direct external attacks is a broad category that includes application attacks, exploiting functionality, threats within the mobile ecosystem and exponentially growing DDoS attacks. The majority of the industry vendors are infrastructure players with a focus on perimeter and end-point protection, whereas Imperva is the only visionary with a laser focus on protecting the “Data,” the crown jewel of any firm and the main target of attackers today. Don’t take our word for it, Imperva is the only vendor in Web Application Firewall to be positioned in the leader quadrant for two consecutive years. There has been an uptick in internal attacks, both targeted infections of high-profile end users – whaling, and malicious insiders. We are very excited about our newest offering Imperva CounterBreach to help defend against internal attacks.
The bottom line is “Everyone is under attack, your data will be compromised, and attackers want your data.” IoT and Big Data are the driving factors in cyber security for 2016. Stay tuned for more exciting solutions from Imperva to lead the charter of “Protecting Data and Apps.”