WP Threat Notifications Made (Better) Useful

Threat Notifications Made (Better) Useful

Threat Notifications Made (Better) Useful

As part of our “recent release” series we wanted to highlight another aspect — the Incapsula Notifications.

Notifications are meant to raise people’s attention when an important event occurs and an action is required. Another way notifications are used is best described as an RSS feed; people tend to aggregate all notifications into a single directory and periodically review all unread items.

As mentioned, our new release is all about data — exposing more of it and making it actionable. The intention was to extend our new notifications beyond the usual usage pattern.

This is how our threat notifications used to look:

img 1

This is what our new (super cool!) threat notifications look like now ( GREEN represents new action items incorporated into the new notifications system, RED represents brand-new information we presented, concerning your account):

img 2

Img 3

We’re aiming to keep our users informed and in full control of their websites and hope that Incapsula’s new notification system is useful and informative and allows users to better understand their website’s state at any given time.

Please keep your comments and feedback coming so we can continue making Incapsula work better for you.

The Incapsula Team