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The New Dynamic Reporting Engine

The New Dynamic Reporting Engine

In-Depth Insights from Imperva’s Dynamic Reporting Engine

We recently announced the release of a major upgrade to our reporting capabilities through the new Dynamic Reporting Engine. So what is the Dynamic Reporting Engine?

It is the latest improvement designed to meet our goal of providing enterprises with full visibility and control over automated bot traffic. The Dynamic Reporting Engine allows customers to gain actionable insights into the bad bot traffic detected on their website, mobile app or APIs. The intelligence available is far more in-depth than simple, static, aggregated data for a pre-defined time frame. In fact, we are proud to say that we offer log-level access to the traffic, and our customers can now explore each request using over 100 dimensions of data including IP address, hi-def fingerprint, ISP, country and many more.

Investigating Traffic is Simple and Intelligent

The ability to make ad hoc queries into the raw logs, apply filters, build a report, and create unique dashboards to monitor certain pages is powerful. Imagine, seeing a spike of traffic on your website and immediately seeing how much of that spike is bots rather than humans. Then simply click on the spike on the dashboard graph to see where those bots are coming from to fully understand the request—the ISP, country of origin, declared user agent, and much more. By simply clicking into the dashboard you can drill down into the raw logs and find out everything about that attack. This intelligence allows enterprises to tune the bot management program and select the correct mitigation response. There is no need to export data to another tool to investigate the attack.

Making it Easier for Security Teams

The time spent to investigate particular requests is eliminated because every request is now at your fingertips. If you want to investigate why a certain request was categorized as a bad bot, security teams can search for it using any of the 100 dimensions. Everything about the request, including the violations it failed, are just a click away.

Customize Dashboards for Your Business

While the Dynamic Reporting Engine has pre-built reports for any enterprise to use, its true power is the ability to create customized reports and dashboards. For example, if bots attack your login page using credential stuffing attacks you can create your own ‘Account Takeover’ dashboard. It would show traffic on that page, give visibility to when a credential stuffing attack is underway, show you which responses are being served, and even provide additional details like CAPTCHA solve rates.

Share the Value of Your Bot Management Program

Along with the ability to investigate any bot requests or create, build, and save reports and dashboards, the Dynamic Reporting Engine allows you to schedule reports to be downloaded and shared internally. If your CIO requests a monthly summary of bot traffic, that report can be built, saved and sent monthly. If your security team needs to be notified of any unexpected traffic anomalies while they occur, notifications can be created based on that spike in traffic in real time.

The Dynamic Reporting Engine is the latest tool in the fight against bad bots. It gives you clear visibility into traffic like never before.