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The New and Improved Incapsula API

The New and Improved Incapsula API

For a while now we have been working behind the scenes on our new API, to be used by our partners, to automate their customer on-boarding process, and by our Enterprise customers that manage multiple sites or want to pull system events directly into their monitoring and SIEM systems.

Incapsula’s new API, and interactive documentation that comes with it, is a platform ‘for Developers, by Developers’ — easy to pick-up, fun to play with and quick and simple to use.

Not satisfied with just adding new API features and new documentation, we set our sights on creating an interactive programming experience in which developers can test and experiment as they learn without having to setup their own sandbox environment.

Here is the before and after shot:


Old – Pretty Dull…


New: Live and Interactive

‘Live Test’: Instant Results

Our new ‘Live Test’ option will save you lots of time, allowing you to instantly see the results of each API function, without spending any effort on test-oriented development.

Using ‘Live Test’ is easy. Once you click the ‘Live Test’ button, a Pop-Up will appear, showing you all the parameters needed to perform a specific action. All you need to do is simply assign a value to each parameter (i.e. account_id) and our API will take care of the rest — executing the selected function and providing you with an output to be used for further testing.


Live Test: Instant results will save you lots of time and effort

Wait, there is more… New API Functions

As important as presentation is, a good API is all about functionality. This is why, with the release of our new API, we also improved its existing capabilities and added new ones to complement our, already large, set of automation options.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Pagination: This simple, yet extremely useful feature helps you handle long lists of objects, while also allowing you to manage the number of object that will appear on each page in the list. For many, this is a very useful option, especially when dealing with larger accounts, with hundreds of websites. This is also extremely useful for event-log reporting; as such reports can consist of hundreds of unique security events.
  • Traffic Statistics and Details Retrieval: This new and feature allows you to pull traffic data and other stats directly from an account, to present as you best see fit. This opens the door for all kinds of new development ideas: From custom chart-making to custom e-mail reporting and even custom web seals with real-time traffic data.These are just few examples, and we are very excited to see how this opened-ended feature will be used by our partners.

And we are just getting started!

While we are very bullish of our new API, we are always looking ahead and already considering new features and improvements that will help our partners to further expand their products and distribution capabilities.

To get started with the API, go to: (login to your Incapsula account)

Stay tuned. More to come!

The Incapsula API Developers