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The Imperva Cloud Reference Architecture for AWS is here!

The Imperva Cloud Reference Architecture for AWS is here!

In July, I wrote about how Imperva’s SecureSphere, Incapsula and Skyfence offerings combine to provide a comprehensive security approach for applications in Amazon Web Services (AWS). I also said there was “more to come” from Imperva. I’m happy to say that more has come.
To recap, the security posture for applications in Amazon should include 3 key elements:

  1. Traditional WAF protection. With Imperva, customers can choose between SecureSphere WAF for AWS or Incapsula. SecureSphere is right for companies that want to manage their own security infrastructure and have a need for integration into a range of other enterprise security products. Incapsula is right for customers that want a SaaS service and don’t have deep integration needs at this time.
  2. DDoS protection. Here, Incapsula’s DDoS offering supplements SecureSphere to provide a hybrid solution. Both SecureSphere and Incapsula can handle layer 7 DDoS attacks, but the power of the hybrid solution is unlocked when they work together and Incapsula takes care of network based and volumetric attacks in their cloud before they impact your application.
  3. Administrative Access Security. This is probably the most overlooked aspect of AWS security. And, as I’ve said in the past, the consequences of getting this wrong can be truly dire. Never fear, Skyfence solves this problem with access monitoring and account take-over protection.

What we’re announcing today at the AWS annual re:Invent conference is two things. First, we’ve written a detailed security reference architecture for AWS cloud services that shows how the above pieces fit together. Secondly — to show we’re serious about helping our customers get onto and be secure on AWS — we’re bundling Incapsula and Skyfence services into the base SecureSphere WAF for AWS offering.
Want to know more about the Incapsula and Skyfence services that are part of the Imperva Cloud Reference Architecture? Check out the blogs from my colleagues at both companies – the Incapsula blog can be found here, and the Skyfence blog here.
Download the Cloud Reference Architecture.