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Enable Your Subscription to Incapsula Status Page

Enable Your Subscription to Incapsula Status Page

Customers using Incapsula can view system status at (hosted at Of course, you can still do the same at our own website,

Either status page provides you with the latest information and updates regarding our global servers, scheduled maintenance and incidents. Updates cover the Incapsula Management Console and API, as well as the status of Incapsula data centers and services in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and South America.

Keeping you informed

The status page provides you with alerts in the following categories:

  • Network upgrades – Scheduled maintenance for our network
  • Increased latency – If it exists at data centers in your region
  • Connectivity issues – Regional or worldwide incidents
  • Outages – Service restoration updates
  • Regional connectivity – Maintenance and incidents in your geographic region (North America, EMEA, APAC, South America)

How to subscribe to Incapsula status alerts

Here are four simple steps to subscribe to our status page for notifications via email and text (SMS):

  1. Send an email to our support team ( to receive email alerts. If you’d like to add other team members to also receive updates, please include their email addresses.

Add a phone number with country and area code if you would also like text updates sent to your mobile phone.

  1. You’ll receive a subscription confirmation via email.
  1. If you prefer to receive alerts by SMS only, please submit your phone number and indicate you do not need the email alert.

Status page SMS

Please note: you’ll receive all alerts (Management Console, API and regional) via SMS until you cancel your subscription.

  1. To make changes to your email subscription at any time, go to your subscription management page which you can access via an Incapsula status email (shown below) or on your My dashboard.

Status Page email manage subs

Here you can make changes to the alerts you receive such as Management Console, API

Status page notifications 1

…or by region

Status page 2

…or cancel your subscription altogether.

We are also working with to allow you to select the specific alerts you’d like to receive. For example, you can choose to see alerts for connectivity issues, outages or other incidents. We’ll bring you an update here.

If you have any questions regarding your Incapsula subscription, please contact If you have other questions or suggestions, please leave us a comment.