WP Sometimes All You Can Say is 'Wow'

Sometimes All You Can Say is ‘Wow’

Sometimes All You Can Say is ‘Wow’

To be honest, when we published the results of our recent web threat research, we were expecting it to make some waves. Companies don’t operate from pure altruism, after all. But more to the point, it isn’t every day that you discover that almost a third of web traffic may be malicious.

What we honestly did not expect was the extent of the buzz this study was going to generate. Sometimes, all you can say is ‘wow’.

I can’t say that we don’t appreciate the attention of such publications as ZDNet, WebProNews, TECHSPOT, WindowsITPro, CIO and WIRED. We’re a young company, and are flattered at being recognized as an important player in the web security arena.

But my #1 takeway from the multilingual, lively global debate that sprung up around our study is just slightly less self-serving. Because I, and my coworkers at Incapsula, truly believe that we’re positively impacting the way people use the web. We truly believe that the solutions we create make this amazing commercial and social tool we call the Web a safer and better place.

Our sign-up rates have since more than doubled as more and more people understand that the sooner they thwart the bots the safer their sites will be and the faster it will run. By successfully sparking a debate among such industry pundits as Tom Foremski, Jeff James, and Constantine von Hoffman over web security findings that are striking by any standards – we have raised awareness of security needs that we have long considered pressing. And being aware of a problem is most often the most important step in solving it.

Expect some more exciting news coming soon!

Marc Gaffan,

Co-Founder, VP Marketing and Business Development