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Obama's German Passport

The Telegraph published an article on the bust of a black market website called Confidential Access (CA) specializing in fraud:
Detective Sergeant Christopher Richards, of the Metropolitan Police’s economic and specialist crime unit, said: “It was basically a fraud factory, a continued conveyor belt of consistently produced fraud.”  The £11 million-a-year website sold false passports, pay slips and bank statements. It also coached users on how to carry out fraud via secure online chat forums.
Though most the ring leaders were arrested, “detectives are now hunting up to 11,000 people who used the service.”  Note the large number:  11,000.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Even worse, this is just in the UK.  Here’s some pictures of the fraud site (click to BIGGIFY):

While there are well organized gangs, there are still a lot of “loners.”  It is very easy for someone to start making money in the e-crime scene as we can see in a German example we have nicknamed “Schadenfraud.”  After searching in the second most search engine YouTube for faking IDs you get a lot of tutorial video clips even with links to software packs for creating real good fake IDs.  In fact, it turns Barack Obama wasn’t born in the US after all, he’s German: