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SaaS Eliminates Barriers to Applying Security Controls to Your Entire AWS and Azure Data Repository

SaaS Eliminates Barriers to Applying Security Controls to Your Entire AWS and Azure Data Repository

Businesses today widely regard data as “the new oil,” the most valuable resource on earth. At the same time, we are in the midst of the most dynamic IT landscape in history which is increasing the risk to this most valuable asset. Organizations, without sufficiently skilled staff to effectively apply discovery and protective controls, are spreading data across cloud and on-premise environments and introducing more risk and uncertainty. Many functional areas create shadow IT and introduce data with no security visibility resulting in increased risk in these forgotten cloud data stores. Organizations’ inability to configure cloud-managed data stores properly makes workloads more vulnerable to breach and finding skilled cloud administrators to address this challenge has become almost impossible. Since the cloud has no real perimeter, malicious actors are more likely to breach private cloud accounts. The elastic nature of the cloud environment, the very attribute that makes it essential to innovation, also makes securing it much more difficult. The business impacts of a cloud data breach and exposure cannot be overestimated.

Rapid digital transformation has driven an increase in the use of data stores of all kinds, including file storage in object containers and cloud-managed database services (DBaaS). Enterprise Storage Forum reported the container management market (CaaS) is set to follow a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.7% from 2020 to 2027, reaching $11.2 billion. A recent report published by research and consulting firm MarketsandMarkets states that the global cloud database and DBaaS market size is expected to grow from USD $12.0 billion in 2020 to $24.8 billion in 2025. In other words, the market will more than double in size in just five years.

As the market gets larger and organizations need to account for more sensitive data in the cloud, the threat to security grows in lockstep. Security teams are stretched to the breaking point now in both time and skills. Adding more complexity elevates the urgency for organizations to find and deploy a reliable automated solution that has as little impact on the organizational IT infrastructure as possible.

Imperva Cloud Data Security (CDS) enables fast, agile posture management and protection for data assets in the cloud and was purpose-built to help small- and medium-sized organizations. However, any organization that has limited resources and leverages cloud-managed environments can implement CDS and achieve real innovation while still maintaining the security of their sensitive data. CDS provides an easy, safe, and effective way to deliver essential protection for the critical data stores in AWS and Azure businesses depend on to accelerate innovation. CDS is cloud-native and SaaS, just like the AWS and Azure-managed data stores it protects, and can be set up in minutes with no rules to configure.

Achieve complete visibility into AWS and Azure data stores

Security in the cloud starts with knowing where your sensitive assets and data are and who’s accessing them. CDS makes it simple for teams to discover and classify critical AWS and Azure-hosted data and helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation without adding staff or requiring particular skill sets.

CDS enables you to automatically and continuously discover and classify data in all AWS and Azure data repositories. CDS also automatically identifies misconfigurations in these data repositories and offers remediations for them. At the same time, CDS detects policy-violating behavior that could be potential malicious activity in your cloud-hosted data repositories. The CDS solution is fully automated and always on to match the elasticity of your business data in the cloud.

Critical security features for AWS and Azure data repositories

While AWS and Azure architectures tend to be safe, the service providers focus on securing only the environment. It is the customer’s responsibility to secure their sensitive data. See how this works in practice in the shared responsibility models followed by AWS and Azure.

CDS picks up where AWS and Azure leave off, providing the solution customers need to keep their sensitive data secure. Here’s what CDS brings to the AWS and Azure data stores.

  • Discovery and classification. Automatically and continuously discovers all AWS and Azure cloud data repositories and classifies sensitive data wherever it is used
  • Cloud data security posture. Identifies security exposures before they are exploited and provides remediation guidance on misconfigurations
  • Threat Detection. Immediately alerts when potential malicious activity is detected and supports out-of-the-box and customized security policies

Learn more and try it out

For more than 20 years, Imperva has been the leading vendor for data security. Until now, Imperva has served many of the largest, most data-heavy organizations in the world. Most recently, Imperva has packaged its expertise into CDS, a simple solution for cloud environments. Now it is possible for organizations of any size to leverage the most essential aspects of data security and thereby reduce the risks on their most critical assets.

Here is where you can get more information on CDS, including the full range of database types and platforms supported. There’s also a free 30-day trial available for CDS. In only a few minutes, you can connect your AWS and Azure infrastructure provider account to CDS and begin discovering and classifying your organization’s critical data. No database credentials, credit cards, or sales meetings are involved.