Extended Stay America, Mobile Nations and Triton Digital Use Incapsula: Scalable, Resilient Cloud Security [video]

Extended Stay America, Mobile Nations and Triton Digital Use Incapsula: Scalable, Resilient Cloud Security [video]

If you’ve been to our office and heard us talking about Behemoth, you’ll know this network gets us pretty excited. The Incapsula cloud-based application delivery platform boosts online security, DDoS mitigation, load balancing and failover services for many websites. We recently launched a new video about Imperva Incapsula that explains how our engineering and support teams are able to provide the security services our customers rely on. Our secret? The aforementioned Behemoth.

We believe securing your online assets should be simple and easy.

Marc Gaffan, General Manager, Imperva Incapsula explains how this all started, “When we created Incapsula, we set out to build a cloud-based server that would provide enterprise-grade security and performance for customers of any size regardless of how many websites they had.”

It’s this concept that Incapsula embodies – a combined service that offers protection, website security, a global content delivery network and load balancing all in platform. “Our customers are able to run their traffic through our cloud and get all these services in one solution,” says Incapsula Product Manager Ofer Gayer.

Brooke Kelly, Renewals Specialist, Imperva Incapsula agrees, “We’re helping people drive their businesses to a new level without overly complicated onboarding. Perhaps, most importantly, we’re making sure that security doesn’t get in the way of our customers’ customers.”

How Organizations Use Incapsula

Extended Stay America was one company that took advantage of the solutions Incapsula offered. The hotel chain needed a performance boost to ensure its online reservation system kept up with its growing business. And it needed to keep its customers’ data safe as well. Ben Hall, Senior Director of Technology CISO, Extended Stay America, was in the market for an easy-to-use interface and he saw Incapsula was the right choice for his company.

“Incapsula was very configurable without needing an extensive security background or experience. We were up and running within a few hours of configuration.”

Similarly, Mobile Nations, a tech community content and opinion leader, was looking for a way to onboard their combined network of websites and forums. Our team was able to provide the support it needed. Marcus Adolfsson, President and CEO, Mobile Nations, had this to say of Incapsula.

“What’s great about our partnership with Incapsula is that we can focus on what we do best – which is producing content and selling product. We let Incapsula focus on the complicated stuff.”

Triton Digital, a global digital audio technology company, was another organization looking for an enterprise solution for improved performance. “Scalability and availability are crucial for an operation of our size. We cannot afford outages or other performance issues,” says Bob Glassley, Director of Technology System and Support, Triton Digital. “We decided to give them a try. With their assistance we were able to migrate from the Amazon ELB we were using to Incapsula within 24 hours.”

The Cloud Advantage

One of the major benefits of a cloud service is that you can leverage crowd-sourced threat intelligence. “With hundreds of thousands of websites on our network we see millions of attack vectors daily,” says Nabeel Saeed, Security Evangelist, Imperva Incapsula. “We can use that visibility to help all our customers across the board.”

A few years ago our engineering team built the Behemoth network to make it possible to constantly monitor threat activity and stay ahead of attack trends.

This “Behemoth,” says Incapsula Support Engineer Jeff Serota is a unique, massive network capable of absorbing any large cyber attack.

In closing, GM Marc Gaffan sums it up, “We’re making sure that our customers’ online properties – no matter what size – and their digital infrastructure is safe and fast.”

To learn more about Imperva Incapsula, check out the video “Introduction to Imperva Incapsula.”

For more details on how your organization can use Incapsula, please visit Incapsula.com/overview.