WP Now available - Incapsula Personal Plan

Now available — Incapsula Personal Plan

Now available — Incapsula Personal Plan

Over the past months, we have gotten lots of requests to introduce an additional, entry level, service plan that will allow many of our FREE customers to take advantage of some of Incapsula’s premium capabilities – but at a price that won’t break their pocket. During this time, we spoke to hundreds of customers to determine what those premium features should be. —

Most of our FREE plan customers stated that they would most like this new plan to include:

  •  Protection against all those bots roaming around their site
  •  Support for SSL
  •  Advanced website performance and server load reduction
  •  Real-time statistics and analytics

So this is what new Personal plan is all about! The new plan will allow all those bloggers, forum managers and small business owners that either have areas of their website protected with SSL or would like to take advantage of advanced traffic optimization and real-time analytics to protect their site with Incapsula’s cutting edge Bad bot security technology.

Those customers that require an enterprise level, Web Application Firewall (WAF) should use Incapsula’s Business plan. Incapsula’s WAF is PCI compliant and takes your website security to the next level. This means that in addition to protecting the site from malicious bots, your site will be protected against sophisticated, humanly generated attacks, in the same way as large enterprise, government and eCommerce websites are.

To achieve these objectives, all WAFs should:

  • Mitigate the OWASP top 10 threats
  • Provide application specific and behavioral based threat vector mitigation
  • Allow detailed threat analysis, rule fine-tuning and granular policy definition.
  • Be PCI certified service provider.

Incapsula’s Enterprise plan is most suited for high traffic websites or those that require dedicated throughput capacity, an enterprise SLA, 24x7x365 product and security operations support and DDoS protection. The Enterprise plan also provides multiple account logins, API integration, application delivery capabilities (such as multi server load balancing) and is a great fit for hosting and service providers that would like to offer Incapsula to their customers. Incapsula customers using the Enterprise plan include: banks, trading platforms, household consumer brands and large eCommerce sites.


matter how large or small, business or personal, mission critical or nice to have – Incapsula has the right plan for your website.