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New Data Center in Paris, Bigger Data Centers in APAC

New Data Center in Paris, Bigger Data Centers in APAC

Today we are happy to announce two major upgrades to Incapsula’s network infrastructure. The first one is our newest data center, going live today in Paris, France. The second is a major overhaul to our Singapore and Tokyo data centers.

With these upgrades Incapsula further extends its CDN capabilities, offering a better level of service in APAC and in Western Europe, while also offering better compliancy with regional privacy regulations. At the same time, this expansion also boosts Incapsula’s DDoS protection capabilities, by pushing our overall network’s capacity above the 550Gbps line.

The Bigger Picture

Today’s upgrades set the stage for our 2014 network expansion strategy, that focuses on:

  • Improvements to Incapsula’s CDN coverage with new POPs in new geo-locations
  • Improving Incapsula’s caching capabilities, through quadrupling server resources
  • Increasing Incapsula’s overall network capacity, to support our growth and to keep an edge against large Layer 3 & 4 DDoS attacks

Looking back, 2013 was a very busy year for us and 2014 looks to be even busier. After buffing our development teams with new talents and with unlimited access to cups of joe, we are now working hard on our next major update. Stay posted; more news coming up soon.