WP New Data Center Goes Live in Zurich Switzerland | Network Capacity Surpasses 1Tbps

Incapsula’s New Data Center Goes Live in Zurich

Incapsula’s New Data Center Goes Live in Zurich

This week we are happy to announce the activation of Incapsula’s 21st data center in Zurich, Switzerland. With this deployment Incapsula achieves a firm local presence that enables clients to comply with the strict demands of Swiss privacy laws and Swiss federal data protection regulations (DPA).

In addition to addressing the compliance needs of our customers, Incapsula’s new data center also helps us offload some of the traffic from our adjacent Frankfurt and Stockholm facilities. By doing so, this new facility enables us to further improve on our network’s quality of service in the Nordic region, Baltic countries, and Eastern Europe.

This new facility was launched by Incapsula CEO, Marc Gaffan, at Imperva’s annual Sales Kickoff event. The video below depicts the data center’s moment of activation:

Incapsula’s Network Capacity Surpasses 1Tbps

The Zurich deployment culminates an extensive network-wide upgrade, during which we expanded the capacity of existing data centers to further improve Incapsula’s resilience against large-scale DDoS attacks.

With the conclusion of 2014’s upgrade cycle, and with the additional muscle provided by this new Zurich facility, Incapsula’s overall network capacity now surpasses 1Tbps.

This is a major milestone on our 2015 roadmap, but it’s also just the first of many.

Stay tuned as we will soon announce several new data centers scheduled to go live in the upcoming months.