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New Data Center Goes Live in Hong Kong

New Data Center Goes Live in Hong Kong

Today we are excited to announce the newest Incapsula data center going live in Hong Kong.

This is the company’s sixth new facility to go live in 2014, as a part of our commitment to double the Incapsula network size by the end of this year.

Coming on the heels of our recently-activated data center in Auckland, New Zealand, the new Hong Kong facility further boosts the presence of Incapsula in Asia-Pacific (APAC). With this additional node Incapsula now provides a more robust level of service for our growing customer base in the region.

The Incapsula APAC facilities:

  • Hong Kong, China
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Singapore City, Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Seoul, South Korea (under construction)
  • Mumbai, India (planning stage)

The addition of the Hong Kong data center also contributes to overall resilience of Incapsula against volumetric DDoS attacks. With it, the overall Incapsula network capacity now reaches 720+ Gbps.