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New Data Center Goes Live in Atlanta, Georgia

New Data Center Goes Live in Atlanta, Georgia

We are happy to announce the activation of a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Atlanta, Georgia – our 5th new data center to go live in 2014.

Located in the Equinix AT2 facility, our new PoP augments Incapsula’s presence in Southeast USA, further improving connectivity in one of our highest demand areas.

Atlanta’s multi 10Gig data center also contributes to Incapsula’s overall resilience against volumetric DDoS attacks. With it, Incapsula’s total network capacity now reaches 710+ Gbps – more than enough to handle even the largest volumetric DDoS threats.

Atlanta was an easy choice for us, given its role as a major junction on the global telecommunications map. This location offers many strategic opportunities, enabling us to partner with multiple Tier-1 carriers to provide a better level of service to all of our clients.

With the next deployment already under way, our Atlanta PoP is an important milestone on our way to doubling Incapsula’s network size by the end of this year.