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Introducing our New System Status Page

Introducing our New System Status Page

Today we are happy to announce the launch of our new system status page, which helps our clients track Incapsula network status worldwide, including server health and software updates.

This new system provides real-time visibility of the condition of Incapsula’s global network, offering our clients centralized updates on:

  • System Status – Allows you to confirm the availability of all Incapsula data centers and granularly observe the current status of the Incapsula management console and API on each and every Incapsula PoP.
  • Outages and Incidents – Helps keep track of major network events that may potentially impact your own service.
  • Patching and Maintenance – Provides information about Incapsula maintenance cycles and major security patches.

Incapsula’s enterprise clients can also subscribe to receive real-time network status notifications, available via SMS or Email.

What took us so long?

Let’s tell it like it is: this status page was a long time coming.

After all, status pages are nothing new. In fact, most CDNs have had them for ages. The thing is, Incapsula is not like any other CDN.

From its inception, Incapsula always was a security-first solution. In other words, Incapsula is a security solution that uses CDN for delivery-not a CDN with added-value security features.

One can’t overestimate the importance of this distinction, nor the extent to which it shapes Incapsula’s evolution as a service. The long over-due status page reflects this approach-a customary CDN feature that was pushed back in favor of other security-oriented upgrades.

But it’s not only that we had bigger fish to fry. We also had other concerns, mainly, we felt that a security service should be cautious about the type of information it shares. In this case, we knew that live network status updates could potentially benefit DDoS offenders, who could use this information to direct their steps during an attack.

The attackers’ MO hasn’t changed and neither has our position. What did change was Incapsula’s network resilience.

Over the last 12 months we have rapidly expanded Incapsula’s network capacity, to the point where it has enough muscle to counter multiple concurrent large-scale attacks.

On top of that, in 2014 we also introduced our new Behemoth scrubbers, each of which is capable of processing 100+Gbps at inline rates.

With these upgrades, and many others coming down the line, we felt that the usability ‘pros’ finally outweighed the security ‘cons.’ Given the rapid expansion of our CDN infrastructure, it is now expected that a service such as ours would have a public status page. Now it’s finally arrived.