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Multiple Imperva Products Earn 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards

Multiple Imperva Products Earn 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards

In June, the Business Intelligence Group announced that three Imperva products have earned the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards. The mission of this prestigious award program is to identify and reward leading companies and products globally that are successfully keeping data and electronic assets worldwide safe from a growing threat from hackers.

The Fortress Cyber Security Awards are widely recognized as the world’s premier cybersecurity awards program. The Business Intelligence Group’s goal is to highlight, discuss and reward the creative thinking, engineering, people, and projects that are taking on this growing threat for the benefit of the global community. Unlike many other award programs, the worthiness of earning Fortress Cyber Security Awards is judged by active, working professionals with experience and knowledge in the field.

Data Security Fabric product earns Fortress Cyber Security Award for Data Protection

Imperva Data Security Fabric (DSF) protects data by augmenting traditional enterprise security approaches with controls for the data itself, to drive policy-compliant data handling behavior, and help security staff pinpoint and mitigate data threats before they become damaging events.

How Imperva Data Security Fabric is different

Imperva DSF enables users to take advantage of available activity monitoring, security assessments, risk modeling, and attack detection capabilities in one modern, unified data-centric security solution. DSF enables organizations of all sizes and in any industry to consolidate multiple data security tools or upgrade from an outdated legacy solution. The end results are a dramatic reduction in the risk of data breaches, simplified compliance, and accelerated audits.

Imperva DSF represents a new approach to data security; a convergence of platforms that provides complete visibility into how sensitive data is stored, shared, and used – even in the cloud – and eliminates blind spots for security and governance teams.

Imperva DSF also unifies security controls across the enterprise; protecting structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, including sensitive personal data.

Imperva Data Security Fabric automates data security and compliance tasks that in other solutions require manual attention; such as reporting and incident management. Security teams get more done, far more accurately, in less time.

Imperva DSF enables security teams and governance stakeholders to collaborate more effectively across departments, by integrating with other enterprise ecosystem tools such as Splunk and ServiceNow, to accelerate audits, incident investigation and remediation. This combination of visibility, control, automation, and integration significantly reduces compliance costs and improves labor efficiency. The solution is flexible and scalable, making it future-proof and continuously enhancing overall ROI.

Imperva Web Application Firewall and API Protection Products earn Fortress Cyber Security Awards for Application Security

Imperva’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) stops cyberattacks moments after they are discovered in the wild, preventing the disruption of important digital transactions and the theft of sensitive data, with near-zero false positives and a global SOC to ensure every customer organization is constantly protected.

How Imperva WAF is different

Unlike many WAF solutions that force users to choose between blocking legitimate traffic or staying in monitor mode forever, Imperva Research Labs ensure the precision performance of the Imperva WAF to confidently block malicious traffic as the threat landscape changes.

Imperva WAF enables automatic policy creation and fast rule propagation to empower security teams to use third-party code without risk while working at the pace of DevOps.

Why API Security is so critical in today’s cyberthreat landscape

IDC reports that many enterprises believe APIs are key to future innovation. Today, one in four businesses derive at least 10 percent of their overall revenue from APIs and IDC expects that number to increase going forward. However, 27 percent of those businesses cite security, privacy, and compliance concerns as the principal barriers to more widespread adoption of APIs. Businesses are specifically concerned about the loss of control over APIs in innovation-accelerating environments such as an open ecosystem approach to development.

Imperva API Security provides continuous protection of all APIs using deep discovery and classification of sensitive data to detect all public, private, and shadow APIs to empower security teams to implement a positive security model.

How Imperva API Security is different

API security threats present themselves in two types; known attack patterns like injections (e.g., a log4j injection in an API input), and unknown attack patterns targeting application-specific business logic and data structure (e.g., Broken Object Authorization API calls). The latter calls for a different approach than that which traditional solutions can provide.

To address this challenge, Imperva API Security automates data discovery in the application-specific data layer. The discovery process features the ability to identify sensitive data. The API inventory is the foundation for the detection and remediation of security incidents and Imperva API Security updates it automatically to ensure it functions as intended.

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