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Microsoft Azure Partners with Imperva Incapsula to Bring WAF and DDoS Mitigation Solutions to Customers

We are very pleased to announce that Imperva Incapsula will be among the first SaaS security solutions that are being integrated in the Microsoft Azure Security Center. Our trusted cloud WAF and DDoS solutions will be available in the Azure Security Center in the coming months. This further reinforces Incapsula as an industry leader in protecting websites and applications.

As part of the integration, Azure customers will be able to access their Incapsula reports and events directly on the Azure dashboard. This will also allow customers to use the Azure Security Center to manage their day-to-day Incapsula security operations.

Integrated and Streamlined: Azure and Incapsula

Customers that are migrating to Azure can take advantage of Incapsula security solutions for protecting their legacy data centers and their Azure deployments. Among the many benefits, they’ll be able to use Incapsula solutions seamlessly with just a DNS change as they migrate from legacy deployments to Azure. For network ops teams, this will mean one less thing to take care of when migrating workloads to Azure.

Customers will also be able to configure their Incapsula services for their new applications on Azure directly from the Security Center in just a few clicks. This will hugely simplify how they deploy Incapsula WAF and DDoS solutions for their workloads.

Finally, customers who activate Incapsula services through Azure Security Center will receive one combined billing statement from Azure.

Leveraging Azure

Microsoft Azure’s cloud service platform offers tools, templates and services for developers and IT professionals. Among its offerings are an extensible platform for app development and deployment and support for operating systems such as Linux, iOS, Android and Windows; and support for programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, .NET, PHP, and Java and Node.js.

Incapsula Security

The Incapsula global network blocks network and application layer attacks and secures customer websites and assets. Proprietary mesh network architecture integrated into DDoS scrubbing centers offer multi-layer security. In addition, global peering relationships ensure accelerated performance for regional and local customers.

We are very glad to be working with the Microsoft team and look forward to delivering new services to you in the future. Stay tuned for more details as we finalize the integration.