More RAM: ×100 Upgrade to the Incapsula CDN Cache Capacity

More RAM: ×100 Upgrade to the Incapsula CDN Cache Capacity

Since 2009 Imperva Incapsula has offered updated multi-faceted solutions that make websites faster, secure, and reliable. Having a robust, global content delivery network (CDN) continues to play a major part in our offerings.

As part of our ongoing commitment to build upon our existing CDN, we recently introduced a set of upgrades that take its caching capabilities to a higher level.

These include:

  • A massive enhancement of our cache capacity by a factor of 100.
  • Utilizing a set of new quality of service (QoS) heuristics.
  • Introducing new caching algorithms dedicated to improving cache efficiency.

With this combination of upgrades to our infrastructure all Incapsula customers can enjoy an improved level of service and have access to an enterprise-grade CDN solution.

What this Upgrade Means to You

Increasing our cache capacity ×100 gives us more opportunities to better manage cache resources and improve overall delivery times. As a result our networks can cache much larger files and retain a higher overall number of cached items, which translates to increased speed in web transactions. The upgrade also lets us leverage the growing number of sites on our CDN to address specific needs of our enterprise customers.

As a direct result of the upgrade you’ll see an increase in your plan quota. We’ve also recalibrated cache allocations and redefined caching limitations, so that our enterprise customers will enjoy better performance on their websites.

Cache utilization increased by 30 percent

In under 60 days this e-store’s cache utilization increased by nearly 30 percent.


Customization: Making Our Cache Work for You

Incapsula has also introduced new dedicated heuristics to improve cache hit rates by auto-prioritizing resources that are repeatedly requested. An optimal hit rate, or goal, has also been set for each Incapsula plan; it determines the percentage of cached requests to be delivered depending on your Incapsula plan. All of this ensures a higher quality of service —especially those customers having heavily trafficked sites with high cache demands.

With caching goals in place, practically speaking, all Incapsula users can expect to save even more on monthly bandwidth fees while simultaneously providing a better user experience for their website visitors.

RAM and SSD Delivering Content in a Flash

Not all cached content is pulled at the same frequency. Very popular files are accessed by almost every visitor, while others are used less. Some are rarely requested at all.

As the Incapsula CDN processes millions of requests each second, it utilizes the least recently used (LRU) algorithm, which is based on the observation that resources which have been referenced in the recent past will likely be referenced again in the near future.

With the ×100 expansion in capacity, we can now provide many more items from cache, and serve even those less-requested items as quickly as possible. To do that, we didn’t just expand the RAM on our caching proxies, but also upgraded our SSD. With more RAM we can expedite delivery of commonly requested items. Meanwhile, less-requested resources are delivered from the SSD in a flash.


Incapsula’s CDN has made substantial gains and now supports large cache capacity requirements. We’ve introduced new heuristics, developed new strategies, and have upgraded our hardware to significantly enhance the speed and capabilities of our CDN for the benefit of all Incapsula users.