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New Feature Provides Live Information about DDoS Attacks

New Feature Provides Live Information about DDoS Attacks

We are excited to announce the launch of three new enterprise-grade features that will help our clients integrate Incapsula protection solutions into existing enterprise workflows.

The first of these upgrades is a monitoring and notification feature that provides new visibility options for our infrastructure protection customers, who use Incapsula-provided information in their incident response processes.

With this new feature our customers will benefit from real-time notifications about all types of DDoS attacks, regardless of protocol and service, enabling data-driven early response and mitigation.

Attack Monitoring

The new Incapsula external monitoring feature uses the NetFlow protocol, developed by Cisco and widely supported by router and firewall vendors, to obtain information from your network environment.

Once configured, your router pushes data at regular intervals to the Incapulsa Behemoth scrubbing servers. Our Behemoth scrubbers then thoroughly analyze it for signs of DDoS attacks, using the resultant data to populate your Incapsula dashboard.

Notifications and Custom Escalation Paths

When Incapsula determines that a monitored network environment is under attack, the system triggers a series of events to notify you that it’s time to activate our on-demand infrastructure protection service.

Your notifications can be received via email, text message, and/or phone call. You also have the option to predefine additional recipients and choose how each should be notified, in accordance with your organization’s escalation path.

Customers can also customize their escalation paths to have Incapsula auto-notify members on different teams, while also designating backup contact. Doing so ensures that all parties are coordinated in providing organization-wide response to an incoming DDoS threat.

Attack Notification and Custom Escalation Paths

Visibility That Goes Beyond Attack Traffic

Another important benefit to you is the ability of the new external monitoring feature to provide visibility into your network status — even when not under attack. Specifically, you can leverage NetFlow communication to gain insights about:

  • Traffic per IP range
  • Traffic per attack type
  • Traffic per service
  • Top traffic metrics per:
    • Source IP range
    • Destination IP/range
    • Service
    • Attack type

One of Three Major Upgrades

This is but the first of three major enterprise service updates we’ll be announcing today. The other two are:

The theme of this coordinated service upgrade is about enabling you to use the Incapsula system in new ways- and to do so from within your existing security solutions and workflows.

For more information about this new feature, or to sign up to be a part of our early availability program for our external monitoring feature click here and include ‘External Monitoring Early Availability Program’ in the comments field.