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Is It Time to Consider Replacing Your CDN?

Is It Time to Consider Replacing Your CDN?

Content delivery networks (CDNs) are the pipelines of the Internet. Working behind the scenes, they are reshaping how information is consumed online, accelerating web traffic, enhancing user experience, and providing every website with the ability to truly go global.

As you may imagine, any technology that can drive such seismic changes in the way people do business is bound to have its challenges. There is an internal struggle regarding future strategic CDN requirements in many industries today and how to go about achieving them. On one side, there are internal development and engineering teams. These groups are culturally predisposed – if not maniacally ingrained – to buy into the notion that their incumbent CDN has the flexibility and scalability to meet growing demands. On the other side, security teams are trying to make the case that the key to successful CDN going forward is to adopt a Single Stack platform that will streamline application performance through optimized delivery of content in single secure workstream – an option that would certainly shake up the culture by simplifying content delivery and security, but also makes sense from a business point of view.

The points that the security teams have been making in this debate are compelling many large organizations to rethink their future CDN technology needs and take a critical look at the bottom-line benefits of replacing their CDN. Rather than cultural dispositions, these organizations need to consider the outcomes they are looking to achieve. Rather than comparing fluffy “microfeatures” between CDN options, they need to focus entirely on ensuring that security never compromises application performance in application development environments. Your CDN technology must deliver a net-net positive for all stakeholders across the enterprise – security, developers, and operations.

It is not surprising that over the past several months, here at Imperva we have been working with several large enterprise prospects that are looking to replace their CDN. The Imperva CDN efficiently caches dynamically-generated pages while ensuring content freshness, significantly improving cache utilization, and reducing bandwidth usage by as much as 60%. Multiple content and networking optimization techniques minimize page rendering time and improve connection speeds by 100%.

Here are some of the key features that the Imperva CDN brings to your organization:

  • API-first platform. Many organizations infuse security/CDN into their automated application delivery cycles by directly consuming our API through tools such as ‘Terraforms Provider’, or through direct Imperva Cloud API instrumentation.
  • Fast Purge/Fast Configuration Propagation. Imperva CDN propagation is in near-real-time (seconds) as standard operating procedure, either to create new policies or purge cache content Imperva platform will simplify your change management process and accelerate time-to-value for development and security teams.
  • Best Application Security Platform – bar none! Imperva’s dynamic approach with Unified Single Stack is a truly game-changer. Use Advanced Bot Protection (ABP) to mitigate risks from the most advanced automated attacks that eat away at business revenue by 1% – 10% (according to Google Research), proactive security backed by Imperva Threat Researchers (no more crazy reactive rules to block known or newly discovered vulnerabilities), 3-second SLA DDoS protection, and reduce the noise from alerts for SOC teams with Attack Analytics.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership. Imperva CDN helps you avoid the painful operating costs associated with managing the likes of other CDN vendors who reactively add hundreds of security rules, or paying way too much for incumbent managed services to add them.

Is it time for you to replace your CDN?

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