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Announcing Expanded Beta for IP Protection

Announcing Expanded Beta for IP Protection

Recent discussions about “origin exposing” DDoS attacks have highlighted the limitations of purely cloud-based web DDoS mitigation solutions. BGP enabled services, like our own Infrastructure Protection, are far more capable of mitigating these attacks. They, however, are not a viable option for many, as BGP announcements require the ownership of an entire C Class subnet.

Our soon-to-be-released IP Protection service will change that by offering complete origin protection to everyone, first and foremost our Website Protection clients.

To address the growing demand for origin protection, today we are announcing the expansion of the IP Protection beta program to include free service to 50 more of our Enterprise customers.

As a beta participant, you will be eligible for:

  1. free use of the Incapsula IP Protection service for the remainder of the beta period.
  2. free onboarding assistance, including support in configuring your network equipment and web application servers.

For more information on the IP Protection beta program, contact us at

With IP Protection You Will Receive

  • Protection from direct-to-origin attacks: IP Protection cannot be circumvented by any origin-exposing attack vector.
  • The benefits of BGP-enabled protection without owning a Class C subnet: You can use the service to protect individual servers and IP addresses.
  • Blanket protection for your entire infrastructure: Protect all elements of your network, from FTP and email servers to gaming servers and cloud environments.

How IP Protection Works

IP Protection was developed to secure your origin server from direct-to-IP DDoS attacks. To achieve that, we provide you with a new origin IP address, which should be advertised as your own to all of your users and for all services, via DNS.

With the new IPs advertised, all traffic to your origin is always routed through the Incapsula network and scrubbed for Layer 3/4 DDoS by IP Protection. Clean traffic is then sent to the origin via a GRE tunnel.


  • Customers are required to participate in feedback calls and surveys conducted by the Incapsula product group.
  • The beta program is only applicable to our Enterprise Plan customers with DDoS Protection add-ons.
  • The beta period concludes on December 31, 2015.