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Infographic: What is the economic impact of a data security platform?

Infographic: What is the economic impact of a data security platform?

Data security is important regardless of how your organization approaches cybersecurity. Whether it’s a protection-first approach, detection and remediation, or somewhere in between, data security enables organizations to inform on risk posture, protect against unauthorized data access and may demonstrate adherence to compliance frameworks such as PCI-DSS and HITRUST, or regulatory standards such as HIPAA.

A data security platform provides the visibility and control required in the last mile of a mature security program. Is it important? Absolutely. Is it urgent? Unfortunately, many IT security teams have their work cut out responding to perimeter and endpoint based security incidents. With spare time being a scarce commodity, data security is inarguably urgent, but regretfully not as urgent as others. Such is the life of cybersecurity professionals.

Evolving to a data-centric security architecture can be daunting. A starting point for evolution can make all the difference. Articulating the challenges that your organization faces is the first step. Mapping these challenges to quantifiable benefits is the next. Having a framework to start from saves time because your team can modify data points to align with your organization’s requirements. For example, regional salary assumptions and the number of systems to be protected. It also will likely open your eyes to scenarios that you may not have thought of, in the actual language from current consumers of data security technology that have already benefited from the transition.

It can be hard to show the economic impact of change. Oftentimes it is easier to modify existing work (red pen) than start from scratch (black pen). Download the infographic, The total economic impact of the Imperva data protection solution to see the key challenges that organizations faced prior to implementing a data security platform and the resulting benefits after deployment. Use this information to inform your next data-security strategy meeting to bring a results-oriented approach to the discussion.

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In mid-2021, Imperva commissioned Forrester Research to interview five current Imperva enterprise customers – two in the financial services industry and three in the insurance industry. The goal of the exercise was to gain insight into the economic impact of deploying the Imperva data security solution for typical Imperva customers.

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